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Most innovative mobile app ideas for startups in 2020

Mobile apps are in high demand for the last few years and all the right reasons. Most of the business owners want to have a mobile app for their businesses to generate more sales and grow digitally. The modern trend has also shifted towards the introduction of new start-ups. These start-ups are focused highly on mobile app development for a wider reach and fast growth of the business.

However, a startup needs to have a solid foundation so that the app can survive for a long time in the market. You need to use the best tools for a reliable and feature-filled app.

For startups, focusing on the most promising mobile app trends may help you create sustainable apps that grow with time and capture the user’s imagination.

Most promising mobile app ideas for 2020

IoT based apps

IoT (internet of things) is a technology that creates a system of interconnected devices. With the help of this app, you can transfer data over a network without any human intervention. An IoT based app will offer its users the convenience of automating their work and home devices.

An IoT app can provide smart car parking solutions to a user, help users to instruct their smart devices to perform a task, manage security at home or a water quality monitoring app. all these intelligent apps can be counted under IoT based apps which will benefit the users and make them smarter and their lives, simpler.

Subscription-based delivery app

This service requires users to pay a fixed amount monthly or yearly to enjoy a service. The services offered by such apps can be anything such as a subscription-based entertainment app such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, a music app such as Spotify, a photo editing app, etc.

this subscription amount will add up to the revenue of your startup. These subscription-based apps are I high demand and can be a trend for mobile apps in 2020.

VR enabled apps

Virtual reality is the trending technology that has changed the face of businesses in recent times. Capable of unveiling a completely different truth in front of humans, it is crossing all boundaries of shocking humans with its unbelievable features.

Today, more than 171 million users of VR technology are spread across different industries. VR is also merging with other technologies like IoT and is used in industrial IoT industries as well.

Healthcare apps

Healthcare is the never-ending need of people, and an effectively developed healthcare app can be an excellent solution for all the people out there. Healthcare industries focus on attracting more customers and satisfying their healthcare needs in different ways.

Ordering medicine online and getting it delivered at home has become a relief for people. Moreover, some healthcare apps are also offering doctor’s consultation. Healthcare development services are a significant trend to be followed in 2020 for more profits and for simplifying the lives of many.

AI-based apps

Artificial intelligence-based apps are being lapped up by people for work and entertainment. Some smart home devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are perfect examples of how AI-based apps are making our lives more comfortable and more stylish.

AI can also keep track of your preferred events happening around you. AI-based mobile apps also work across domains. For example, it can remember your food preference or your favorite restaurant based on your searches.

eCommerce store apps

These apps allow customers to buy things from their homes. You can also collaborate with multiple brands and sell their products through your platform. This app gives flexibility to the users as they can buy products from the comfort of their house.

These apps also let users make online payments via different payment options and get the products delivered to their homes with the utmost ease. Moreover, there are no geographical barriers, as well.

Movie ticket booking app

You can also make a user-friendly movie ticket booking app that users can use to book tickets for the cinema near them. The app will act as a medium as they collaborate with the city theatres and multiplex and provide them a smooth and efficient online ticket booking experience.

Movie booking apps also offer discounts to the customers and also free beverages to the selected customers. Overall, it makes the whole booking very easy.

Fitness app

Who doesn’t like to stay fit and healthy? There is also a very keen market that is keen to help others keep their health and fitness on track. You can build an app that can work with collaboration with a fitness band that will keep track of your overall health in terms of weights, muscle mass, body fat, etc.

it also will keep track of your heart rate and steps walked. The tracker will send the data to the app from where you can track the data regularly and keep a check on your health.

Blockchain apps

Blockchain is an immutable technology that can carry out low-cost digital transactions in contemporary times. It’s not owned by any single organization or person but is managed by a group of computes. Mobile apps technology helps in making your startups successful in a short time.

Blockchain helps in storing data in a secure way that cannot edit. Any industry which wants to store their data with high security is using blockchain technology. Blockchain is a useful technology for all industries there.

Online music streaming apps

Everyone has access to fast internet these days, and people don’t fill their phone’s memory by downloading songs anymore. Now, people prefer to play songs and stream their favorite playlist from an app where zillions of tracks are available.

You can also get the subscribed version of this app so that you can play songs without any advertisements. Some apps also have an in0-app downloading feature where you can download songs and play them offline.

Mobile App Localization

Localizing your mobile app is probably one of the most beneficial steps in creating an app that can be used anywhere in the world. Mobile app translation is not nearly as difficult as it may seem, given the right resources.

Localization services are all about capturing a local audience on a global scale through the use of translation services. Using the right language service provider or translation company will make the task all the easier.Mobile app localization, when properly implemented, will allow for virtually any advertiser to make a direct connection with their intended audience.

This means touching them in a way that lets them know you are talking to them on a more personal level. With mobile app localization, you can talk to people in their own language, and with a little practice, create a genuine emotional appeal to convince them to engage in the desired response.


The mobile app ideas and trends keep changing now and then, and it is essential to keep up with the recent trends to perform well in the market full of competitors. The mobile trends listed in this blog are just a start. Being a business owner, you must acquire these unique trends and invest smartly to run your online business successfully in the long run. You must follow these trends as mobile app development is a vast market, and it is only going to expand now. Get ready for 2020 and prepare well in advance.

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