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How a Mobile App Can Empower and Speed up Your Ecommerce Business

Nowadays everyone uses smartphones everyday 24×7. We can’t even live without a smartphone. Because of excessive mobile phone usage, I would like to say today we all are suffering from modern age disease called “nomophobia”. But the other positive way due to smartphones, our life becomes very fast and simple. Without moving a single step we order to get things done easily. Because of the overwhelming response of smartphone usage, the demand for Mobile App is also increasing. People are searching for different types of products and services they require the most in their daily life. Their search could be apparel, clothes, cosmetics, electronic goods, watches, jewelry, shoes, etc. Whatever they want everything is online. Reaching one end to another end of the world in a moment and you can catch with a single click and so many products at a time in a single app. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, is one of the biggest benefits of smartphone and smart mobile apps for any business reaching globally. Even big survey figures show that 54% of overall online shoppers are Mobile Shoppers and they search in their mobile app browsers directly for particular products or services rather than Google or e-commerce websites, they just open an app and shop. Due to this reason, many big enterprises are now investing in converting their e-commerce business in mobile applications. This is not the only benefit of mobile apps, there are lots of other benefits too in my knowledge, so I am sharing some more benefits of mobile applications for eCommerce businesses.

Quick Response

Basically, mobile applications are faster than eCommerce websites. Apps are optimized for mobiles only so they are more attractive and user-friendly. Ecommerce websites are also responsive and optimized but there are many devices and resolutions to consider at a time of design and development. Due to these limitations can’t get that richness what apps will have, so end users attracted more to use mobile apps compare to e-commerce websites.

Design Friendly – Conversion Rate

Rich user interface and comfortable functionality of these apps will create a feeling of magnetic attraction on mobile shoppers. Impact of these reasons mobile shoppers come back and visit again and again. They are spending more time and search for more shopping options available on the apps. Customers are twice more likely to return to the mobile app than an e-commerce website within 30 days. So obviously conversion rate will go up, and shoppers’ average order value on mobile apps is 140% higher than on mobile sites.

Shopping cart abandonment Checkout Process

When a mobile shopper starts a check out process for an order but drops out of the process before completing the purchase. Any item added in the shopping cart but never go through the transaction is considered to be “abandoned” by the shopper. Ecommerce websites average cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. In other words, over 3/4 of shoppers choose to leave the e-commerce website without completing a purchase. So many reasons behind e-commerce website shopping cart abandonment like more than 3 seconds of loading time, navigation too complicated, lack of payment method, re-enter credit card details, etc. While mobile shoppers using a custom mobile app will never be stuck with such problems. Mobile apps have the lowest shopping cart abandonment rate is 20% compared to desktop and mobile websites. If sometimes app users may be in a hurry and without completing the checkout process leave the app, Mobile app publishers send an automated message by an application when the application is not open. It is called a push notification. 140% higher order value due to push notification, one-click ordering and easy payment method, a well-designed mobile app performs much quicker and better than an e-commerce website.

Loyal and Secure Customer Support

Once you download an app and get registration, it is done. Within a moment you get notifications message, they just started following you. Searching or shopping for any products or services by this particular app they started observing your interest level. They started sending pus notifications, new offers, new product launch promotions and many more. You get reward points also at every purchase of anything, which you can claim and earn more benefits. And also provide security of user’s personal data, as well as online payment details via debit/credit card, PayPal, etc., is a big concern. Mobile applications are highly secure and have a minimum risk of cyber-attacks. It’s a big factor to build customer’s trust with unique security features.

Top 5 reasons your business needs a mobile app for growth

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase in Sales
  • Interact with the specific target audience
  • Grow social media followers
  • Best effective Branding tool

Do you have your business app?

Mobile shoppers now love to shop from mobile apps as they are handy, time-saving and simple to use with full security. This is the best time for business owners to invest in mobile app development to meet the technology trends, have an impressive brand exposure, and stand out from the competitors.

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