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Making your Way in the Baking Business: How to Get a Slice of the Action

There are many factors which influence industry and market growth. While economic influences are usually given precedence, however, these are not the only considerations that have an impact on industry growth or regression. Popular culture and media also have an impact on certain industries, with television a particularly powerful medium in terms of reaching a nationwide audience. In fact, it has become even more influential in the age of reality television, which has glamorized specific industries improved their global appeal.

Take baking, for example, which has become very fashionable in recent years. With television shows such as The Great British Bake Off creating a buzz about biscuits, everyone wants to get in on the act. Even the British Institute reported signing up nearly 50,000 new members during the first two series' of the program, as viewers clamored to become a part of this potentially lucrative industry.


Developing your Baking or Coffee House Brand

If you already own a baking brand or coffee house, however, you will know that the modern market is now more about beetroot & chocolate gateaux than stale lemon curd tarts. Developing a successful outlet therefore relies of cutting edge industry knowledge and an ability to think creatively, as this will enable you to stand out from increasingly intense competition. Consider the following: –

Branch Out from Your Existing Product

Some shops or brands have honed in on the opportunity of opening a coffee shopped laden with high quality baked goods, which allows customers to come and take a break after shopping. It also works the other way round in that if you make your coffee shop an inviting destination, people will flock there and begin perusing the stock and make a purchase. You could have displays of the products in the coffee shop area, and decorate the shop with wallpaper and other items that are held in stock. Developing a range of baked products can help to drive your brand forward, and successfully ward off competition from new and enthusiastic arrivals to the market.

Develop a Knowledge and Understanding of your Market

If you want to attract local residents and families then it is important that make your cafe child friendly, with lots of play activities to keep the kids entertained. In terms of developing your range of baked products, you could also strive to support local businesses by using locally sourced products and hanging art from the walls that can be purchased and commissioned by an artist from the surrounding area. In addition to this, you could also hold events that enable potential customers to sample your goods and the baked products that you deliver.

Believe the Hype and Invest Heavily in Design

The feel and design of your coffee house is as important to its success as your range of baked goods and scrumptious lemon cheesecake. Make sure that you have good displays of your products and offer inspiration to customers in terms of which cake complements which cappuccino or latte. By investing in beautiful display counters that ideally showcase your baked goods, you can entice consumers into spending more with your brand.

In Summary

While the baking industry may be booming and welcoming an increasing number of budding entrepreneurs, those already active in the market understand the considerable challenges that they face. Developing a baking or coffee house brand demands ambition, creative thinking and a flair for design, which ensures that your business sells an adequate range of goods that are presented in an appealing manner.

Laura has contributed this post on behalf of Corr Chilled which supplies commercial cooking equipment to outlets throughout the UK.

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