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Low Cost Business Ideas You Can Start Today

business teamworkHave you ever felt like working for someone else was a giant pain in the behind and you could do far better running a business on your own? Well, because of the internet, it is now easier than ever to become your own boss. If you have talent, ideas and a broadband connection, you can be the founder of your own company, and sometimes, you don’t even need anything behind you but your brain!

Here are some businesses you can start from home now with no investment capital at all.

Selling Crafts

If you like making stuff as a hobby, whether it is jewellery, clothing or home décor, you can sell what you make easily online. You may choose to start with a shop on eBay or Etsy, and then build up to having your very own online store, by creating your own website and marketing it. Whatever you choose to make, if the products are original and cute you will find people who want to buy them, and you can then easily turn a craft hobby into a job! You can also market your stuff offline at craft fairs and other places where people go to buy gifts and other cool, unusual things. You do need to get your business in order before you attempt something like this, of course, so consider registering as a proper company with a service like before you start promoting yourself. It will make you seem more legitimate to have a proper business, and allow you to do things like your taxes legally.

Using Your Skills

If you are a great artist, writer, or video director, then there are people out there who will pay for your skills. Whatever you are great at, if it has a following on the web you can do it and make money. If you are good at writing and research you could start a business as a copywriter. If you are good at photography, you could start selling your pictures online. Even if your best skills are not that obvious as a selling point, think about how you can use them to make money. Are you great at training your pets? Write an eBook about training puppies and market it! You’ll have no problem getting people to buy in to your field of expertise if you really are an expert.


If you are a real believer in a product or service, you can make money by promoting it as an affiliate. You can write things that explain how great a given product is, and post them on your own sites and social media outlets. You can earn money for everyone who goes on to buy these things as an affiliate marketer, and this is a very quick and easy way to make money.

Being your own boss is not that hard to achieve, but you do need an idea that suits you. Try one of these and you will soon be saying goodbye to your boss!

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