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How to Start a VOIP Internet Calling Business?

Internet Calling BusinessIn this article, I will list the main elements and important aspects to keep in mind when you want to start a VoIP Internet calling business.

1. Internet connection: A speed of 25 Mbps is enough to set up an Internet calling business; however, you should consider higher speeds up to 100 Mbps if your bandwidth is not entirely dedicated to VoIP calls, such as if it is shared by multiple computers in a company or an internet cafe.

If the connection speed is not good and you can not do much to improve it, there are three ways to improve the calls quality:

  • Setting up the service quality (QoS) in the ADSL router for voice traffic.
  • Configuring the QoS in the terminal equipment (ATA)
  • Using the compression codec G729, which allows to reduce the bandwidth by eight times; so you switch from 128 Kbps to 16 Kbps.

2. ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters): They are devices allowing conventional or wireless phones, to connect to the VoIP system.

3. Phone equipment: With ATA adapters you can connect regular phones to your VoIP service, thus reducing the implementation costs.

4. External CDR: You require an external CDR for the VoIP provider to keep track of calls, collect selling prices, count costs and profits.

5. CDR computer: This equipment does not need be new or powerful as it is only required to install the CDR software.

6. VOIP calling service: you may hire the services of a VoIP provider that allows a good range of destinations at affordable prices, and to recharge at low thresholds (I recommend Broad-Connect Telecom).

These are the essential aspects and elements you need to consider to start operating a VoIP internet calling service.

However, there are some additional aspects-such as call display, soundproof booths, etc.-but we are not considering them for the moment, because they are not 100% necessary to start such a business.

In conclusion, to launch a VoIP business, you do not need to invest large amounts of money, with only a small investment and good advice, you may enter this market.

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