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How to optimize your commercial prospecting strategy?

For a successful business prospecting, it is important to consider several elements. In particular, you must pay attention to your database and your prospecting messages. You also need to choose your development levers well and exploit your marketing or growth hacking tools. If you want to discover tips to optimize your business prospecting strategy, you are on the right article.

Choose your prospecting levers well

Before optimizing your sales prospecting strategy, you need to identify the levers to use. To put it simply, you can choose between two main methods: outbound marketing and inbound marketing. To help you choose, here is some basic information to know.

Outbound marketing

The principle of outbound marketing is simple: you make direct contact with your prospects. In other words, you initiate the process and offer your product/service to your targets. This strategy relies on different methods, namely phoning, emailing and social selling.

Inbound marketing

Contrary to outbound marketing, inbound marketing consists in waiting for prospects to come to you. You have to limit your action to the incitement and the proposal. This strategy mainly uses digital platforms and digital tools. It takes into account your web content, your search engine optimization and your affiliate links. It also relies on the design of your websites and their mobile adaptability. With this in mind, you need to make sure that your visitors are interested in your offer and decide to get in touch with you.

However, it is important to point out that you are free to design the technique that suits you. You can, for example, combine these two strategies by focusing on both the quality of your digital storefront and the authenticity of your sales approach. The combination of these techniques is very popular in the field of growth hacking.

Get the contact information of your prospects

The success of a business prospecting strategy relies mainly on a reliable, large and regularly updated database. All your prospecting actions depend heavily on information about your prospects and customers. If you improve the quality of your database, you have a better chance of developing your business and succeeding in your sales prospecting strategy. Your ability to attract more buyers will be significantly higher.

The question is: How do you improve your prospect database? Kaspr provides an answer to this question by offering its services to all entrepreneurs who want to expand their customer base. Simply put, it allows them to easily retrieve the email addresses or phone numbers of their targets. We did say “targets”, since not only prospects are concerned. You can also use this tool to discover the contact information of your employees, suppliers and potential partners.

In any case, the process is very simple and no specific technical skills are required. You simply downloadKasprto Google Chrome, browse LinkedIn and search for your target audiences. The widget then takes care of searching for the contact information of the selected profiles and showing them to you. You can check the credibility of this contact information by viewing the reliability percentages provided by the tool. Sign up now and see how it works!

Export the collected contacts to your CRM software

Once the contact information is disclosed, you can choose to export it directly to your CRM software. As a reminder, a CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) is a digital tool for storing a large amount of information. In business prospecting, it can be defined as the place where all the contact information of prospects is gathered. It is also used to contain all the information available on the profile of a consumer or potential consumer. It can be used regardless of the size, nature of the business and the form of the company.

There are many brands of CRM software available on the market. It is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements. Just make sure that your lead generation tool fits perfectly with your CRM tool. Most of these tools are incompatible with certain brands or features.

Learn how to segment your prospects

There are many ways to segment your prospects. You can, for example, base your segmentation on age, geographical area, profession, gender or sector of activity. The principle is simple: gather similar profiles in a single directory to simplify contact. This way, you will have no trouble personalizing your approach to each prospect. The personalization of your prospecting messages will be done in a grouped manner. Thus, you can send the same message to many profiles. They won’t be able to complain about getting classic messages, since the approach has already been adjusted to their identity. You will save time, because you will no longer have to consult the LinkedIn profile of each of your targets before sending them messages.

Segmenting your prospects also allows you to track the evolution of your prospects. Did they respond to your first solicitation? Are they interested in your product/service? Are they facing obstacles when they want to make a purchase? Have they already made a purchase? You can also base your segmentation on the maturity level of your prospects. The best segmentation criteria are those that best suit your business and marketing strategy. Just make sure they are relevant to your sales prospecting.

Tailor your prospecting messages to your target

As we mentioned earlier, you need to tailor your first prospecting message according to the target’s profile. The latter must believe that you have gone to great lengths to write the message. He must feel concerned by your approach so that he can be interested in your offer. In other words, the message to be sent to prospects must be personalized as much as possible to obtain positive feedback. The language, the vocabulary and the channels used count a lot in the success of a commercial prospecting strategy. You must particularly make sure that the development lever you choose suits the habits of your targets. If you are targeting people in their thirties or forties for example, it would probably be better to focus your prospecting strategy on e-mailing or phoning. This kind of profile is less likely to use social networks.

So, once you have collected the contact information you need, all you have to do is implement your business prospecting strategy. You need to think about the first message you will send to your prospects (on their email address or phone number). To do this, you just need to follow a simple formula: greeting + reason + introduction + call to action + polite expression. In other words, you must first greet your recipient by mentioning his or her first name so that he or she feels concerned. Then, explain the reason for your contact by proposing your offer, for example. Here again, certain sales techniques must be respected in order to arouse the curiosity of your prospect. You can, for example, raise a problem that this type of profile regularly encounters before proposing the solution (your product/service). Once this is done, directly encourage them to take a specific action. Then, end your message with a classic greeting such as “Kind regards” or “Sincerely”.

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