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How to Grow Your Business Effectively

business growthYou've made it, or so you think. Your business dream has just become reality but now it's time to grow and make sure that you don't fall behind the competition. Maintaining a healthy and successful business is a tricky process but here are some top tips for all companies.

Customer service comes first

Nobody will want to experience the service you provide unless it is known that you put the customer first, all of the time. Getting an ISO 9001 certificate proves that you're committed to improving your services constantly and streamlining every aspect of your business in order to satisfy your clients' needs. Possession of an ISO 9001 certificate ensures you save money whilst also standing out from your competitors.

Joint ventures

Pairing up with another company that share your interests and goals will often lead to successful results. Everyone saw how quickly the curved nail file became popular after inventor Tom Pellerau teamed up with Lord Alan Sugar in a business deal that benefitted both parties.

However, always ensure that the partnership is equal and that you and your business are getting as much from the venture as your partner.

Connect with your clients

In the digital world, connecting with your clients and customers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is a quick and cheap way to gain recognition and show your customers that you really care about their needs.

Also make sure that you're open to feedback from customers. Set up a page on your website where customers and clients can suggest improvements and even praise you for the services you provide. Be aware that simply having a feedback system is not enough - learning from constructive criticism is the best way to improve your services and growing your business.

Be aware of your finances

In a climate of cuts, you need to keep on top of your finances. You shouldn't pay through the nose for advertising when you can utilise the internet and social networks to grow your business for free. Promoting Facebook posts is a cheaper alternative to having a banner on a website - for just £33 you can reach up to 10,000 more people on the most popular social networking site.

Similarly, ask for discounts. Even if you don't pay full price, those who provide will still make a huge profit. Asking for 10% or 20% discount is wise, and If you buy in bulk, you may be able to strike a further deal.

Leave the comfort zone

You're good at what you do but in order to grow it's important to think outside the box. Apple's revolutionary click wheel revolutionised MP3 players and the iPhone has set the standard for smartphones. The trick is not to change too quickly. Make a change to your business and master it before moving on up.

Growing your business is difficult, there's no doubt about that. If you keep a level head and follow these simple tips, you can be sure that your business will grow efficiently.

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