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How to Design a Small Office Space That Is Effective

office spaceYour office layout and design says a lot about you and your business and when you are working within a small space, simplicity is key. Whether your office space is a cozy nook or an open plan area, the need to get creative is essential.

Here are some smart tips to ensure you can optimise on the space your office has and create a design that is effective.

Furniture With Multi Purpose

Cleverly designed furniture that serves more than one purpose will be the key to getting yourself organised and retaining space. A desk with storage integrated or drawers that house files and office supplies will eliminate the need for a separate space-eating cabinet. It will also improve efficiency as everything you need will be within reach.

Feeling Of Space When There Is Not Much To Go Around

When you are limited on space, you won't want to set up partition walls or divide the area up. Built in or custom made furniture helps to create a streamlined effect and ensure the space flows.

A Personal Touch Can Inspire

Where possible, decorate your office space to your own personal tastes. In many ways you can be more productive if you are happy in your surroundings, whether it is a great piece of artwork that inspires you, or a favourite quote or saying that you live by

Walls Are Not Just For Art

Maximise your space by utilising walls with a noticeboard and additional shelving. An organised office is definitely a productive office. It is essential to avoid creating a wall of solid shelves as it can sometimes dominate a room and close it in. Mix things up a little by placing your desk in between shelving or a bookcase.

Make Use Of Technology

We live in a world of wireless and portable gadgets, tablets and computers so where possible, design your office by using a go-anywhere wireless internet and give your office the flexibility is deserves. Don’t limit yourself space to being next to a plug-in modem.

Position Your Desk Near Natural Lighting

Lighting may well be one of the most critical aspects to designing your office. If you have the opportunity to leverage off natural night, do so. Noting compares to it. If you need to add a touch of light, avoid using your limited floor space. Opt for ceiling lights.small office lighting

The Right Colour Can Create The Perfect Illusion

Natural colours are definitely the best option and help to create the illusion of more space. Dark or warm colours can close in your area. If you are restricted on re-decorating, try using mirrors to provide the feeling of depth.


To unify all of the elements of your small office space, try to keep everything the same colour and if possible opt for built in, or custom made workspaces. While getting the flow right is necessary, it is even more so important when you are working within a small area. When your chosen decor, furniture and accessories are not matched well, your space can both look and feel very cluttered and unorganised. Simplicity is the key to an effective small office.

Chris Polvari has been a cabinetmaker for over 20 years and his company Urban Accent has been beautifying homes for more than eight years.

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