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How Corona Pandemic Is Affecting Software Development Companies?

The most trending and booming word in today’s world is COVID-19. It has hugely affected domestic and international businesses across the globe. The outcome of this virus has caused a loss in the economy and has effects on human life and it continues to grow more.

Many companies have agreed to allow their employees to work from home by using accurate devices and software. Still, companies have been testing the systems to have the data security module for the security of the company. But seeing the spread of coronavirus in the world, companies should broader the work-from-home authorization.

Moreover, the Software development companies have been working through the world so they are keenly aware of the impact of Corona Virus. Due to the outbreak, the IT section has fallen until the next financial year.

How Covid-19 can effect on Software development companies?

  • The Coronavirus has weakened the ability to manage the day-to-day schedule of service delivery for prospects and that resulted in losses of revenue and breaching of the client’s work bond if certain employees are not working on the same client’s project during this time.
  • Although, IT industry is facing a catastrophe due to the corona pandemic as companies are shutting down and major people have been given the paid off. Few leading companies like Google, Microsoft, and others initiate a step to make it easier and provided with the facilities of Work from home considering the employees’ health as well as other employee’s health. They have been allocated with relevant working systems and relevant tools to work from their home safely and securely and prevent spreading this deadly virus.

Followings are the factors that affected software development companies:

  • Reduction in productivity and performance:

The CoronaVirus has greatly impacted on the productivity of a group of individuals. The companies are predefining the task and set up the targets for such time when the team has to work remotely. Due to this, productivity and performance happen to be decreasing and companies not getting work perfection. Although, some small or mid-size companies are struggling as workers cannot work from home nor they can use remote working facilities. Hence companies have waived the employees and there’s cut down in production.

  • Facilities and Office closures:

The Coronavirus has turned many corporate places into a graveyard. Companies and organizations are more concerned about their resources and their safety. The people working in outstate have got a little more time to commute back home so that they can spend time with their family. Every corner of the earth is facing this outbreak currently.

  • No Fully Remoted workforce:

Some companies understand and agree to let the employees work remotely. But due to that, there’s a dearth of collaboration tools and interpersonal training. A report by one of the leading IT service management companies says only 54% of companies in India are lacking to have technologies and resources to work from home even they are facing poor network connectivity issues and backup problems.

How Software development companies are associating with Corona Virus?

Companies and organizations are finding a way out from the issues raised by the Coronavirus. However, adapting the remote work culture and guided with the respective tools and software for maintaining productivity.

  • Allowing resource to work remotely

The main reason for switching the team to remote work is that they don’t come in direct contact with any other fellow employee as the virus is contagious and it may infect lately. Social distancing can be followed to reduce the cause of COVID-19.

  • Urging ill people to stay home

During this tough time, no company can afford a corona infected person working on the floor as staying home may stop the thread and secure other people.

  • Reduce Travelling

Companies should manage the traveling of their employees by minimizing the work which requires outstation travel, especially during this outbreak.

  • Training Leader

Team leaders and managers have to be trained as per the remote working as the employees working under them have to be accurate and productive enough to perform well and give output.

  • Make familiar with the tools and software’s

Most of the companies are working under the remote working tools on which they are familiar and experience. They would like to train their team to be familiar with the tool so on time as such they can utilize and work nicely. Adapting new tools, new skills, new culture, and prepare the team for whatever is beyond Coronavirus and the current distraction it’s causing us.

The current Corona pandemic is a serious thing to be taken care of. Hence precautions and better steps should be taken to keep yourself and your team secure and safe.

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