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Creating a Winning Business Plan – The Essentials

ergtgrtwThere is a lot of work that goes into starting a new business, but if you are efficient in your planning and strategies from the get-go, there will be fewer problems later on. Of course, how you approach your business plan will vary according to your needs, but here are some essential tips to creating the best plan.

Whether you are starting the business on your own or venturing with a partner, it’s a good idea to get others involved in the planning phase. By doing so, it helps you to work through ideas and strategies, and maybe come to realizations you would not have thought otherwise.

Additionally, it is also smart to consider the need for capital as this could be crucial in getting your business off the ground. Examples may include approaching investors or organizing a small business loan. Other essentials to deliberate when forming a business plan are as follows:

Market Research

First off, you must conduct comprehensive market research. Therefore, you need to analyze the market and see where your business fits in; you need to find out who your competitors are and what they are offering their customers. For example, it’s not essential to be cheaper than your competitors, as long as you can show your product or service is of higher quality.

Social Media

With over 300 million users on Twitter alone, the power of social media shouldn’t be overlooked. There are many ways that you can conduct market research on social media. For example, you can post a link to a survey, upload a promotional video or attach visual advertisement. There is strong evidence that shows posts with a visual aspect are more likely to be looked at and shared than those that don’t. Make sure to become well-followed as this will expand your audience dramatically.

Additionally, once your business is off the group, you should consider using social media as a tool for promoting, advertising and a platform for useful and shareable content. This means factoring in costs for content to be written, as it should be of a high standard. Also, anticipating costs for paying successful bloggers to showcase your services or products should also be considered. For example, beauty and fashion bloggers are out in full force on Instagram. Therefore, if you have a brand, you could send them a box of your branded goods and ask for them to take photos with or wearing them, as well as tagging your company in the image.

Interviews with Customers

A good way to gauge customer interest in a new business or product is to ask for reviews, opinions and insight. Whether you ask people to come in for a focus group or incorporate a feedback form with the product/service, either way, feedback can only improve your business ideas. However, remember that with face-to-face interviews there is a risk of not getting the whole truth as they may be reluctant to say anything negative about it in this situation. Therefore, the results from these interviews must be taken with a pinch of salt.

The above are just some of the essential ways you can start to build your business plan. Remember that the more market research you can do, the better your business will be in its infancy and more mature stages. Without one, you may suffer financially and fail before opening your business doors.

Also, if this is your first business venture, consider looking for a mentor who has experience in your field. There are many entrepreneurs who would be more than willing to help you, and who may also be interested in investing in your product or service.

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