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7 Tools That Every Startup Business Should Be Using In 2019

Know what’s the fastest way to go broke? Running a startup business.

After hiring top talent, purchasing supplies and paying all the utility bills, most startup business owners are almost penniless at the end of the month. Afterward, they don’t have enough money to spend on tools which could get their business up and running.

Don’t want this to be the fate of your startup?

Then you certainly need the best startup tools of 2019. By not taking anything out of your pocket, they give you the freedom to spend on what really matters.

1) Google Slides

Think PowerPoint is all the vogue? Then you certainly haven’t tried one of the best tools in Google’s suite. Free to use, Google Slides not only allow you to create Power Points but also give you the freedom to freely collaborate with your team and clients.

What’s more, Google Slides also offers integration with Microsoft all you need to use them is a Google account – which means you’d save on software installation costs. It also allows you to invite anyone on the file you’re working on and work with you on the same document.

2) Trello

Most startup businesses, especially in their early stage, rely on freelancers to get work done. If yours is following the same path, then Trello is a must-have for you. It is a free project management tool which is used by a huge number of freelancers, which means it is likely that your team members would already have experience using it.

Simple to navigate and easy on the eye, Trello contains a digital dashboard on which you can create, delegate and prioritize actions. It employs a card system using which users can collaborate with team members – while also adding comments, files, links, and photos. Furthermore, Trello has apps for iOS, Android and even Slack.

3) Wix Website Builder

For businesses that need a website – most of them fall in this category – you could turn to Wix to freely build a basic website. Wix offers a free account and provided you’re able to spend some money, it also makes a mobile-friendly website in a budget.

Down the line, if you feel that your business needs the benefits which come from a web hosting provider – as Wix isn’t one – it lets you switch to a paid web hosting service. Even when you do that, you won’t need to back up your data as Wix will automatically transfer it.

4) Google Analytics

As the saying goes that data is the new oil, the power of businesses these days is gauged by how much data they have, for they rely on data to make sound decisions. Seen in this way, Google Analytics is a powerful, free tool which gives you loads of data to enhance your business.

While it also gives you a quick overview of your customer base, Google Analytics’ power lies in its ability to dive deep into your customer’s preferences. Used this way, it allows you to see what your customers really like about your startup, areas where they want improvements and much more.

Then, once you have this data, you can then use it to not only optimize your startup to your users’ liking but also spend marketing money more wisely.

5) Vyaparapp

Vyaparapp is a free invoicing tool, trusted billing, accounting and inventory management system that is designed for small and medium size businesses. It is a customizable tool that can fit businesses like manufacturing, retail, wholesale, transportation, etc. Some of the best features that Vyapar offers are listed below:

* Multiple business management in application
* Multi device sync
* Free online store* Auto generate GST reports
* Payment reminder
* 30+ Accounting reports* Auto Stock management
* Free E-way bill generation

6) Video Conferencing

Have a business which requires connection with remote clients, prospects and workers? Then you certainly need a reliable video conferencing solution. Fortunately, offers all that – and that too without costing a penny.

That’s right, this video conferencing app offers a free plan which lets a video conference of up to 10 participants, supports five video feeds simultaneously and allows the option to share screens. You can even schedule meetings, mute everyone else and share mouse control using this app.

7) Wave Accounting

Your landlord definitely wants to get paid. So do your employees and the utility provider. How would you know how much money you owe to each one of them? You guessed it; by keeping your books balanced – and Wave Accounting is one of the best ways to do just that.

While it also has a premium version costing $19 a month, Wave Accounting’s free version isn’t that bad, either. You could count on it to receive accounting functionality, scan payments receipts into the system and you’ll also have the luxury to create and scan invoices.

8) Boomerang for Gmail

As research tells us, the best time to send emails is at 10 a.m. However, it’s common sense that we cannot send all emails at this time. What we need, therefore, is a tool which gives us the ability to schedule the sending time of our emails.

Boomerang offers exactly that. It also has a “Respondable” feature which – after gauging your email on various factors including length, reading level, and staying on the subject – ranks your email. So that you’d know whether the email is worth its salt or not.

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