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6 things you should consider if you want to build an iconic company!

Every iconic company that is popular today started out with a simple idea. However, the way that they have been able to grow differs greatly. 20 years ago, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Uber didn’t exist. But these are some of the biggest companies in the world right now. There are several newer companies that are growing just as quickly, if not quicker than ones that have been mentioned.

If you want to give your organization the best chance to become an iconic brand in your industry, consider implementing the following tips.


Be socially responsible.

Many companies only focus on profits and forget about the wider issues such as the environment and important social causes. Your organization can make a big difference by positioning and aligning your brand with important issues that need to be solved. For example, promoting sustainability by minimizing the business’s carbon emissions through the use of renewable energy, energy-efficient lighting technology and charitable issues.

Health and wellness for employees.

Healthy employees are productive employees. According to a 2013 press release from Direct Health Solutions, the average cost per employee as a result of employee wellness was $2741. The costs can be greater or lower, depending on the industry and the productivity value of that employee.

There are several ways your organization can improve the overall health and wellness of employees. Some ideas include the following.

Encouraging employees to participate in exercise activities.

This might see members of the organization receive gym membership, participate in corporate sponsored sports events and receive access to wellness spas and treatments.

Good office location.

Never underestimate the impression that your office’s location and building can provide. Would you rather have an office that is cheaper, but it is down a dark alleyway in the suburbs? Or would you rather have a presence in the CBD overlooking an iconic landmark such as the Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia, Big Ben in London, England, Mt Fuji in Japan or Central Park in New York? First impressions last.

You can tap into serviced offices, which are based in several locations around the world. Companies like Regus and Servcorp can help expand your company’s global presence within a few weeks, simply by investing in their serviced office option.

Employee-centric culture.

Employees are hired to provide value for a business. But you will only get the best value from them if you have a system that will keep them motivated. Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson has this philosophy at the heart of his organization. He has said in interviews that if an organization showers their employees with praise, they will flourish and provide more value for the organization.

Your organization can setup reward schemes in terms of employment bonuses or prizes, so they can be more productive.

Ensure that your business has a scalable business model.

There are several ways to make money for an organization, but you want to create a portfolio of scalable products that will allow the business to multiply its profits. The business might need to consider workshops or investing in information products or physical products, in order to scale sales and profits.

Be consistent with your brand’s value and promise.

The reputation of your business’s brand is the most important asset. Ensure that all aspects of the organization meet that expectation and that it is communicated successfully to all areas of the company.

Your company has the opportunity to become just as iconic as Google in your industry. Do an audit of your company’s current processes and see if there’s any way you can make improvements that will help your brand become an icon in the future!

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