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6 Reasons to Use Time Lapse Videos in Your Construction Business

Time-lapse photography enables viewers to watch a scene (that took place for months, or even years) transpire in a matter of minutes. This happens when a series of photos, taken at a regular interval, are viewed at a faster rate (versus the one used to capture them). As a result, the photos turn into a fast-paced video footage, called a lapse.

In the construction industry, these time-lapse footages are slowly gaining popularity. More than its engaging visual appeal, time-lapse videos of construction projects serve businesses in practical ways.

If you are considering setting-up a time-lapse photography system for your next project, here are some ways a construction time-lapse can help you:

  • Detailed documentation. Creating a detailed documentation of every aspect of a project is important. With a time-lapse of your construction project, you can create a visual archive of your project’s development. In case of a dispute, this historical documentation of events can provide a factual evidence that can assist in resolving conflicts. For clients and investors, on the other hand, the time-lapse videos can be a means to provide them with quick updates by showing visible progress onsite.
  • Monitoring and accountability. Managing a construction business entails handling projects that need a keen eye for monitoring. With a time-lapse video, you can visually keep track of procedures done and verify if the project is within schedule. Knowing this helps you adjust accordingly if there will be any delay. With every stage of your project easily monitored, you are assured of better accountability and transparency.
  • Security and safety. Construction projects involve a lot of money and every mistake can be costly. Used in conjunction with traditional security cameras, a construction time-lapse coverage helps you observe documented and unpredicted errors, so you can avoid these incidents in the future. With this kind of enhanced site supervision, you can improve and ensure better workplace discipline, safety, and employee performance.
  • Promotion and marketing. A time-lapse footage of your construction project can also be used to promote your business. With a catchy and engaging display of your project’s completion, you can show potential clients what your business is all about. You can easily upload it to your website or showcase it in your social media account. Your marketing team can even make use of one of the still photos from the time-lapse and print them as promotional materials.
  • Creating a positive impression. Keeping track of project milestones is made possible by a construction time-lapse video. For both your clients and your team, having a visual representation of what your company can achieve creates a lasting positive impression. In the eyes of your clients, this insight reinforces their trust and confidence in you. While for your team, it boosts their morale and reinforces their hard work, as they see their work literally unfold in front of their eyes from start to finish.
  • Improved efficiency. As a time-lapse allows you to document the entire length of your construction project, it allows you to find which practices can be modified to make your work more efficient. You can identify the work processes that are effective and the ones that make you less productive. Similarly, you can use it to ensure that your team adheres to professional standards when doing their jobs. And because you can use the time-lapse video to give quick updates, it saves your company time and other resources because you can lessen site visits.

Giving your construction business a competitive edge involves ensuring that every project is well-monitored and properly executed. Knowing what is taking place onsite imparts transparency and efficiency to your business. Also, with a project that is monitored to be right on track and verified to adhere to protocol, your business can avoid any unwanted expenses. Ultimately, with a reliable construction time-lapse setup, you can gain all these benefits for better project management.

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