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5 Ways to Personalize Your Workspace

office workersIf the hit TV show is anything to go by, working in an office is supposed to be a strange and slightly dull experience.

However, this needn’t be, and should never be the case.

No matter your work place, whether you work from home, or in a team environment, your workspace should always allow for freedom and creativity.

Here are five ways you can personalize your workspace and maximize your output:

• Organize
If the first part of your morning is spent sorting through emails, files and sheets of paper to get your day started, it may well be time to “Feng Shui” your desk.

Set aside some time once a month to organize your things into a system that although may look like chaos to everyone else, is crystal clear to you.

A messy desk may be a creative one, but if you can’t get your day started, it’s little use to anyone.

• Little piece of home
Bringing in something that means a great deal to you, can be a real game changer.

Something as simple as your favorite coffee mug, or a little memento of your favorite character or TV show, can make your office feel a little more homely.

It can also be a fantastic ice breaker for new colleagues, or just to let your team mates know what you’re into.

• Stay colorful
A trend in most workplaces is beige, the most neutral color of all, and almost nobody’s favorite.

Brighten up your desk by adding small splashes of color, especially your favorite.

Simple things like personalized accessories, a new mouse mat or a stationery holder are cheap, easy to get hold of and, most importantly of all, essential.

• Storage
If you’re working in an open plan room, or don’t have your own office, having your own locker to keep things is fairly rare.

However, having somewhere to store your personal belongings is essential, and most importantly saves time and energy in worrying where you’ve left things.

Small inconspicuous plastic storage boxes that can sit out of the way under your desk are perfect, and follow up with our first tip of keeping your desk clutter free.

• Memories
One of the most popular items to keep on your desk are pictures of those we hold dear.

From pictures of a partner or spouse, holiday snaps with friends, or even a shot of your favorite four-legged friend.

Mementos like this can give your mind a much needed burst of happiness, and make even the busiest of days a little less stressful.

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