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20 Amazing Startup Business Ideas for 2018

pexels-photo-380768Due to the tremendous number of startup ideas around you, it is usually tough to choose the one that is worth pursuing. It is apparent that you would want to initiate a business in a niche that would not only be profitable but would even last forever. With a lot of research and tests, the list of business ideas that would help you earn a lot of profits as well as run for a long-term has been shared below:

#1: SEO for local businesses

SEO means to optimize a website that would generate leads for the business and eventually produce a massive amount of profit as well.

Why this business? Because:

  • Time is wealth – 100% passive or automated after the websites begin ranking.
  • Potential profits – Create leads for 100 different companies from 100 different sites.
  • Obstacles to entry – Super low competition since a local company would be competing against just ten other businesses in the area.
  • Forecasted growth – the local companies are not going anywhere from there.

Till the public uses their smartphones and laptops to search for the nearest real estate agent, restaurant, doctor, dentist, etc., your business is bound to thrive.


  • Develop a website that would target a city or a market, for example, the plumbing services in Washington.
  • Optimize the site so that it can be displayed on the first page of Google with related keywords.
  • Send the leads that you get to any company in that city providing the same services.
  • Get compensated for every referral or lead that drives a sale in that company.

Clean and replicate the same plan with as many businesses and niches as you desire. In this, you are serving the leads to the companies on a platter and they would always ask you for many more leads and pay for each lead.

#2: Crowdsourcing

The current craze is renting out things, anything! The list is so enormous where it includes things like boats, furniture, cars, bikes, machines, clothes, and a lot more. Don’t know how to go about this scheme? Follow this:

  • Develop a platform where the public can easily list any stuff for others to rent.
  • Advertise that platform directly in front of the targeted audience.Use Facebook Ads and even local SEO.
  • Keep a little amount of each transaction that is made.

#3: Corporate wellness

Right, combine the bloated corporate budgets with the politics and spray some health trends on the top of it. Many businesses have ultimately understood that financing the employee health, which also includes the mental health of the employee, preserves millions of dollars in the devastated productivity and missed days of work in the long run.

Presently, businesses are contracting outside agencies to render meditation, exercise coaching, healthy food, yoga, massage, and much more. Also, companies are engaging outside institutions to administer these programs as well. Businesses are now spending about $900 annually for an employee on these wellness programs. And if you get contracted by a corporate with just 1000 employees, you are earning enough already.

#4: Social media consultant

As the landscape of the Internet world expands, companies are searching for the advice that is highly specialized. And that is why social media consulting is here.

In case you have some great experience or knowledge about platforms like Facebook Live, Twitter, Snapchat, Vine, Instagram, then place your worth in front of the market. Confused? Well, huge corporations are very busy in selling their services and products with no time to take care of the social media pages.

This is the reason why they are searching for people who would connect with the audience and spread the joy of their products. Ridiculous volumes of digital savviness and creativity is needed in this. Is this something that you can take up confidently?

#5: Post-production video services

During 2016, there were about 6 trillion cross-platform video views that increased by a whopping 71% this year. And by 2020, the video views would rise to about 90%. There are companies in the market that even need videos to be made for the special occasions, events, training, or just because of something.

Overall, the business of videos is booming. You can take up the post-production work of the videos that includes distributions, compressions, effects, titles, music, motion graphics, editing, and so on.

And if you want a reward for making your own videos, you can monetize videos with the post-production and build revenues with them by posting online on various channels. You can also share your expertise by creating coaching and training videos regarding your skills.

#6: Niche pet services

The pet industry is currently on a high flame where the love for pets is increasing, and so are the sales. And if you are still not convinced, there is a study where experts have claimed that by 2019, the pet market would hit $92 billion. Not sure what plan to use, here are some examples:

  • Train animals and you can even create packages of training with DVDs and books.
  • Train dogs for agility and people through courses and workshops.

#7: Subscription-based

Wait! The subscription isn’t about the newsletters here. It is about other things like maybe razors, creams, and anything that people need on a monthly basis or bi-monthly. Another thing is that, you cannot just pick up a shampoo niche and offer the public subscriptions that are double the price of the shampoo or even the same price. It is better if you keep the costs low as you focus on the niches.

If you offer less expensive and highly niche products to the audience, it will help you stand out of the crowd as well as competition easily and it would also help you grow your business in no time.

#8: Eldercare

More than 75 million Americans were born between the years 1946 and 1964, and they are now in the retirement period or have already retired. About 90% of these people would stay in their homes and would need some help always. Also, since these people fall under the baby boomers category, the relative affluence of this creates an opportunity for the senior-serving companies to earn a fortune.

And it is not only about healthcare here; there are opportunities such as landscaping, pet care, cleaning, catering, delivery services and even driving. There are a million unlimited franchise chances, and the best thing about this is that the market is ripe currently.

#9: Gluten-free

Are you a person who loves Gluten-free products? If not, you would have some friend who does. Well, the gluten-free products are increasing in sales for a long time now, where it has increased by 34% in 2017 itself. The experts claim that the total sales of the gluten-free product would reach to $2.34 billion by 2019 in America only.

There is an enormous customer base who are suffering from the Celiac Disease and have to avoid gluten entirely. But many others are joining in the bandwagon as well. This is an open opportunity for the specific eateries that would offer the gluten-free fresh dishes that are super hard to come by, such as the salads, soup, and so on.

Also, the gluten-free products have a vague meaning. And to change this, you can use the idea of online courses for teaching about the gluten-free food preparation, dieting, and certifications which are hot at the moment.

#10: Smartphone repair

Did this idea come to your mind as you were reading the list? The smartphone repair idea is a good one if you have the knowledge regarding it since it is on a super high-demand, and it is also ripe market that needs a lot of reliable people offering the service.

Did you just go more in-depth into the idea? Like a 24-hour turnaround repair of the smartphone or the same-day shipping to the person’s doorstep? Yes, the market is crowded with people offering the services, but it is not reliable. Also, begin locally at the start.

#11: Dating consultant

In the recent years, technology has disrupted the activity of dating to a large extent making it a joke for many. Dating has changed due to the online presence of the activities, but the advice-giving part of dating has got stuck in the newspaper columns and the flaccid Cosmo lists.

The idea behind this is to create a product that would give information on dating to the public and if the business does well, begin the matchmaking business alongside this. For example, sell the programs that promise them to know all about the secrets of “making him fall deeply in love forever.”

#12: Drone rentals

Not sure what drones are? It is an unmanned aerial vehicle that works as a small aircraft without a human pilot in it. Currently, the recreational drones are at a rage, and the use of the drone for various things such as the delivery of items, surveillance, scientific research, etc. are also on the rise.

And since the Federal Aviation Administration has settled the ordinances set to unite drones with the national airspace, this industry is bound to take up to a high level. The drone rentals are the best thing that people can get while you get good money from it.

#13: Kid-friendly apps

Smartphones have become so popular that every child has one in their hand. There are about 10s of millions of children using the tablets and smartphones today, and this means you have a chance to make good money due to this. If you are a person who has the knowledge of application development, you can start the kids app development business.

Be creative and just hire some good bunch of people who can develop the apps for children, if you do not know how to do it. Start with the health and wellness apps that have fun mixed in it. This would get the parents on your side, and eventually the children, making it a significant opportunity for you.

#14: Green or off-grid living

Since pollution is increasing and the world is getting riskier to live in, creating the materials that would reduce the pollution and even the waste is obtaining traction a lot. This includes things such as the tiny homes, shipping containers, off-grid living, green living, etc.

The off-grid living has bounced a lot since the last few years, and it has risen the customer interest in energy-efficient products that are fueling the bursting growth in this division. The sustainable building industry materials at the moment amounts to about $36.1 billion in the industry. And that is not all; it is expected to grow by about 10.6% yearly until 2020.

Just develop an idea such as how to build bricks for construction without the use of heat or anything else, and build a fortune.

#15: Software school

Photoshop, QuickBooks, PHP, whatever you know about or have experience in. If you have an immense knowledge of any particular software, you can easily build a business to share it with people by teaching them about it and how to use it.

At first, you can begin by teaching a private lesson by charging for an hour. And then open a small business and charge them for the complete tutorial. Also, do not stick to one thing, hire many specialists and diversify. Moreover, do not limit yourself to this idea geographically. Think wider than this where you can provide consulting online, online courses, ebooks, etc.

#16: Healthy vending machines

Today, most of the companies today want their employees to eat healthy food and there are a few who are into this business. Also, this industry is worth about $42 billion currently and for just about $40k to $250k, you can also be a part of the industry.

Be an operator of a franchise for the healthy vending machine. Plus, do not worry since the industry has a substantial political and social backhand that is bound to make the business grow. Additionally, the income you get is almost completely passive.

#17: Virtual reality

If you had this idea in your mind and were waiting for this, your wait has ended here as it comes. The Virtual Reality technology has ultimately arrived where people are moving in swamps to purchase the VR headsets.

But how would you build a business with VR? For example, target the wedding industry where you can shoot the complete service in VR. Other than this, you can also sell headsets, or just provide some service as mentioned above.

#18: Translation and language services

With all the cross-lingual communication trending around the globe for some time now, the tasks for the translators have increased to a great extent. The industry is expected to grow by the 46% in the next 15 years where the overall growth of this industry is much faster as compared to all the other occupations put together.

So, if you have a gift of languages, or if you want to open a business by hiring people who can translate to use their skills and provide services to clients, you can be sure to make profits from this.

WARNING: Language recognition technology would exponentially get better in the next 15 years.

But still, there are 15 years for this; you can begin with this now and then move on to another business when you have enough of money.

#19: E-bikes

You might have heard about Tesla if you have stayed in the United States. Well, it is the poster boy for all the electrical things in the market, and the industry is in excellent hands. Now moving to the business title idea, which is e-bikes. This is a recent invention, and it is expected to hit a sale of about 50 million units by 2018.

And we are not asking you to begin producing the high-gear e-bikes directly. Start with the kits to electrify the traditional bicycles. These kits can replace the back and front wheel hub, and with the small electric motor that runs with a battery and cables, it can be made into an e-bike. Boom!

#20: Remote employee monitoring

There isn’t much doubt that the workforce in the companies is turning out to be more and more remote, so this eventually follows the cause that the industries offering the remote employee monitoring phenomenon are bound to get profits. Did you just begin calculating the sums in your mind? Why wouldn’t you, when the idea is just perfect!

By 2020, the United States remote worker population is assumed to increase to 106 million. But this still means that the bosses would want to see what the employees are doing and would want to stand on their shoulder at every moment, even if this has to be done virtually.

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