Why buy electronics in bulk?

Today, almost any product from a variety of stores can be bought in China. In this case, the price will be much lower. So why overpay? But this is in the event that the desired product can still be found among the thousands of pages of the Internet catalog of large online sites.

However, in order to work with a wholesale electronics company, like AVK Group, you need to know some subtleties. Firstly, what exactly can and safely be ordered. Of course, one of the most important products is smartphones, laptops, accessories, drones. Indeed, this category of goods is one of the most popular, large and safe to order with delivery.

What equipment can be ordered in China?

Household appliances, computer components, small electronics – this is what is presented in large quantities in the catalogs of companies engaged in wholesale trade. While this category is safe to buy in China, there are exceptions.

The first rule is to study the supplier carefully. Foremost, it concerns issues with branded products. The Chinese market produces a lot of fakes, often of poor quality, but at the price of the original. Therefore, it is better to buy from a large company, so you protect yourself from fake products. Let’s dwell on some categories of goods that are often ordered.

Photo accessories – it’s worth noting that it is accessories, and not direct equipment, a variety of tripods, special photo umbrellas, bags and softboxes, studio flashes, diffusers, filters, remotes and colour gels. The cost of such goods will be at least two times cheaper, and this includes delivery, than in competing stores.

Small electronics – headphones, flash drives, wireless speakers and lamps, cables, cases, chargers. There is a lot of this on the pages of the Chinese online hypermarket, and the order will be safe. Even if a marriage is caught, the cost of goods is so low that you won’t have to regret it.

Computers and component accessories – motherboards, processors, memory, power supplies, coolers and much more. All this can be purchased for almost nothing, although at the risk of a short period of work.

And this is not the whole list of safe electronics for ordering from China. The main thing is not to choose dubious suppliers offering branded goods at too low prices.

The benefits of bulk shopping

Perhaps the most significant plus for any wholesaler working with China is the prices. Of course, any person will be happy to buy something as cheaply as possible, but unlike retail, with bulk purchases, the amount saved will be much more impressive. Let’s immediately destroy the stereotype that the cheapness of goods from the Asian market is due to low quality – this is not so.

The main reason for the low price of Asian market products is cheap production. Enormous competition, the acute issue of employment, all this results in a reduction in the cost of creating goods.

What are the advantages of working with the company:

  • communication with the seller is carried out without intermediaries, you can find out any features from him without the risk of being deceived;
  • assistance with product selection, catalog search;
  • counting items, checking quality, absence of defects;
  • a convenient way to pay for a prepared, issued invoice for delivery;
  • delivery of the order to any city;
  • choice of payment instruments – bank cards, transfers, international payment systems, online wallets;
  • support service;
  • the absence of any intermediaries who need to pay a commission for services;
  • minimal risks.

Buying goods is a rather laborious task. Don’t go to the first company you see. In this case, it is better to work with a trusted seller who has expertise in the market, good conditions for buying goods, a large assortment and fast delivery.

It is the combination of such factors that can guarantee the buyer quality service and good products at a bargain price. Indeed, in order to get the maximum benefit, it is necessary to analyze the companies, their advantages, and after that choose the one that has experience, reputation and happy customers.

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