Wholesale in Germany – where to find reliable suppliers?

If you are looking for high-quality products from a variety of categories, you are sure to find them in Germany. It’s a country with a highly developed economy that exports food, chemicals, medicines or machinery, among other things. The wholesale market in Germany is extremely extensive, with around 200 000 wholesale companies across the country. How do you find the ones worth doing business with?

Wholesale in Germany – explore the market

Looking for a source of supply for your business in Germany? Undoubtedly, the country is one of the biggest players in international trade, with the fourth largest export of goods. Among the numerous offers, you are sure to find something that interests you. How to search?

Pay attention to the quality of the products on sale and the reliability of the wholesaler. Of course, prices also count, as do ease of communication and speed of shipping. It is worth knowing that turnover in the wholesale industry in Germany is roughly €1.5 trillion. In addition, wholesale companies provide jobs for around 2 million people. This is evidence that wholesale in Germany is booming and this will certainly not change in the near future.

Trade in Germany – wholesale suppliers for you

Before you start looking for the perfect German suppliers for you, determine exactly what you need. Being aware of your own needs will help you narrow down your search and reach your goal faster. If you lack experience in the German wholesale market, start your search online. Browse reviews, familiarize yourself with the assortment of individual wholesalers and learn about the terms of trade.

How to buy cheaply in Germany? Wholesale suppliers often have products in their offers, sourced from liquidation stocks, clearance sales or untested customer returns. Their prices are usually considerably lower than those of goods in the regular range. In many places you will also find damaged, used or refurbished products in good condition.

Wholesale – Germany on the spot

Let’s dive into the subject. How do you find the best supplier for your business from the many offers available online? To avoid wasting time and energy, use B2B trading platforms such as Merkandi. There you will find products from numerous suppliers from Germany, all in one place. In this way, your search for cooperation partners will become much easier. Wholesale in Germany via Merkandi means easy access to offers from many product categories, such as furniture, electronics, tools, automotive or clothing.

Thanks to the trading platform, you can quickly establish relationships with German suppliers and enrich your offer with attractive products, available at heavily discounted prices. In doing so, you do not have to worry about unreliable partners or inefficient communication. Merkandi takes care of the security of transactions and, being available in multiple languages, improves communication between buyers and sellers. By creating an account on the site, you can make direct contact with wholesalers and strike a bargain.

Wholesale in Germany – where else to look?

In your search for suppliers, you can also take a closer look at German wholesale services such as Lieferanten. Here you can find offers from both distributors and the manufacturers themselves. As with Merkandi, Lieferanten contains a whole host of offers from different categories. The service provides information about each supplier, allowing you to check their reliability.

Also very popular online is Restposten. Through the service you can not only purchase, but also send enquiries to suppliers. Restposten facilitates contacts with wholesalers and makes it easy to find the most attractive offers, including numerous promotional items. You’ll also save time with Listflix. The service generates lists with contacts for companies that fit your needs best.

Business with German suppliers – what to bear in mind?

If you are looking to expand your network of contacts with German wholesalers, proper preparation can make things easier and increase your chances of success. Here are some tips that may be useful to you.

  • plan meetings in advance and don’t be late
  • keep your distance and refrain from raising private issues in conversation
  • focus entirely on business and on concrete
  • be honest and direct
  • get straight to the point
  • abandon aggressive business methods
  • avoid unexpected changes

Taking into account the cultural backgrounds of your German partners can facilitate communication and improve trade between you. One thing is certain. It is worth taking an interest in the wholesale market in Germany in order to develop your business, make your offer more attractive and gain an edge over your competitors.

If you have any questions, please ask below!