Types and Brands of A3 Guillotines Paper Cutters

guillotinesIn today's competitive world, businesses are often in search of new and innovative goods that help them speed up there business process and enhance their productivity. If you are into the business of paper sheets than having a reliable and sturdy guillotine is must for best results and optimum performance. Paper cutters are an excellent tool for your work location or office space.

Guillotine paper cutter is what was established for operation on general purpose cutting assignments. The most common features of guillotine cutters are they consist of a spring-action cutting blade, rubber nonslip feet, a blade latching-look, a protective rail guard and a clamp wheel to maintain the stack of available papers and avoiding the slipping or moving of the paper from the place allowing for clean and sharp edge. Here we, discuss about, the A3 Guillotines from the three brands namely Trimfast, Ideal and Dahle.

Trimfast is suitable for use in a commercial print or copy shop environment as well as large reprographics departments where huge volumes of documents need to be cut simultaneously. One good product from Trimfast is RE3946. This guillotine can cut up to a maximum of 600 sheets at a single time. This is quick and easy to use.

Trimfast cuts precisely and it is equipped with re-sharp enable blades. They make up for a great addition to your office space and let you cut as much as 800 sheets of paper at a single go. The cutting length and cutting height is 430 mm and 60mm respectively. The minimum cut is 35 mm with an inserting depth of 434 mm. It weighs around 60 kg and consists of on front and rear table safety guards with plastic paper guide. This is absolutely for commercial use and it comes with a stand.

The Ideal 1058 A3 guillotine is the best option for the price conscious buyer. With high cutting capacity of around 40 sheets at a time (70 GSM A4 paper), it can cut up to the length of 580mm for formats up to A3. It consists of automatic clamping along with the format indications printed on the table and side lay with measuring scale in cm/inches. The high quality blade set is made of Soling en re-sharpenable steel.

Ideal guillotine has back gauge with adjustable & lockable front gauge. It is considered as a narrow strip cutting device with a lifetime of accurate cutting. The fold-away paper supports and transparent safety guards comply with British standards. The guillotine normally weighs around 14 kg. These guillotines usually come with a twelve month manufacturer's warranty.

The Dahle A3 guillotines are now available with additional features to suit any specific cutting needs including a laser module, narrow strip cutting device and a front table. By using the selectable or DE-selectable clamp, you can also cut pressure sensitive materials. The guide channels for the backstop prevent sheets of paper from slipping through. The cutting length is 460mm with a sheet capacity of 3.5mm. The upper and lower blade is made of high quality soling en steel. It consists of automatic safety guard with selectable and DE-selectable clamp. The guillotine is ready for equipping with laser module. The optional features available are: laser beam cutting line indication, narrow strip cutting device and additional front table support.


Hence, the three guillotine machines discussed in this article are very essential in cutting bulk sheets of paper. Depending upon your business need you can choose the one that helps improve the efficiency of your business by manifolds and even helps generate more revenue, whilst saving you your valuable time and money.

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