Top Tips to Save Money When Shopping on Amazon

Amazon offers unlimited choice when it comes to shopping for various goods and services, but very few of its users actually take advantage of the numerous money saving opportunities that this website actually offers. If you want to enjoy shopping at this amazing online superstore, while saving sufficient amount, check out these great tips:


Subscribe and Save

Probably the easiest way to acquire some good coupon codes for Amazon or any of the other large online retailers is to subscribe for their newsletter. Amazon offers some of its best deals exclusively to their email subscribers and there are also hundreds of websites, dedicated solely to searching the best deals available at one of world's largest online stores.

Amazon Coupons

Subscribing for few dozen newsletters will most definitely help you acquire great deals and coupon codes, but this is rather hard to organize and manage. Fortunately, as mentioned earlier there are hundreds of websites, where you can get Amazon coupon codes with just one click. The one I can personally recommend is eBates, since it also provides cashback for your order!

Check out the Seller

If coupon codes are not an option, there is always the chance to get great discount when you contact the seller. Often, you can get anywhere between 10 and 20 percent discount by simply getting in touch with the item seller. Don't be scared to ask for a discount!

Employ Price Tracker Plugin

What's great about shopping at Amazon is that some of the prices will decrease over time and if you manage to catch that moment, you will land a great deal. The best way to tell if the price of particular item is going to fall in the near future is to install price tracker plugin for your browser - the choice for such application is pretty extensive. The most popular plugin to use is CamelCamelCamel available for all modern browsers!

Setup Price Alerts

Another great way to tell if the price of particular item on Amazon changes is to setup price alerts and receive notifications when the prices reach certain points. There are multiple browser extensions and online services, where you can setup price alerts by just entering the URL of the item you want to track.

Amazon Discounts for Students

If you are a student, you will fall in love with the Amazon Student discount program, which will help you save considerable amount money when shopping at one of world's largest retailers. Furthermore, the Amazon Prime is available 6 months for free, as part of the program!

While Amazon most definitely loves students, they offer great 20 percent discounts for moms too! Just make sure to check out what items qualify for this particular discount first.

Super Saver Shipping

Shipping is often the largest expense when shopping for items on Amazon and the best way to reduce is to take advantage of the Super Saver Shipping offered by the retailer - it will cut down the shipping expenses by such large percentage that you can even get some of the items shipped for free!

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