Top Online Gifts for 2017 That Will Put A Smile On Anyone’s Face

rferfeWith 2017 in full swing and tax season underway, manufacturers from around the globe will begin to release a whole lineup of new gadgets. Whether you are looking for cool gifts you can buy on sites like, either for friends or relatives, you will want to take your time and carefully research your options. Thankfully, there is an abundance of awesome items that will be able to put a big smile on anyone’s face. Some of these will be explored in greater depth below.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s console business has lagged in the past few years. The company will attempt to fix this problem in March of 2017, with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The mass majority of people are gamers. Some play games on their smartphones, while others already own some type of gaming console. The Nintendo Switch will be able to bridge the gap and satisfy gamers of all ages. This is where Nintendo has been able to succeed in the past. Their games are versatile and suitable for children, as well as adults.

The Nintendo Switch will undeniably be an excellent gift for 2017. It can be used at home or on the go. Plus, the console will be able to play games for all age groups. Therefore, it is truly a more versatile gift than the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4.


The sad truth is that many people in America are obese. This is true for children and adults. By being a good friend or family member, you may be able to help aid a loved one’s weight loss. There is no better way to do this than by providing that individual with a Fitbit. The Fitbit is designed to give the user the ability to track their fitness level, as well as their weight loss progress. And of course, it looks cool too. Fitbits are suitable for children, adults, women, and men. This type of gift will give you the ability to make your friend smile, while simultaneously encouraging them to improve their life.

A Mini-Press Or Portable Coffee Maker

Those looking for gifts for millennials and adults should look no further than a portable coffee maker. Almost everyone over the age of 25 or 30 drinks coffee daily. The majority of these people also find themselves running late at least once or twice each week. Therefore, you will be able to simplify their life by purchasing them a portable coffee maker. The Wacaco Company’s MiniPresso or the Espro Travel Press will do the trick.

These products will give your friend or family member the ability to make coffee on the go. This will help them avoid being late, while also ensuring they do not have to go without their coffee. More importantly, you’ll gain their gratitude. Truly, the portable coffee maker is one of the most amazing gifts you get and satisfy almost any member of your family.

Amazon Echo

If you are contemplating on a gift for a friend or family member, you should definitely keep the Amazon Echo in mind. This Bluetooth speaker is designed to deliver a crisp clear sound, plus it can be controlled utilizing voice commands. The speaker supports an array of third party devices, such as the Internet-connected thermostat, door lock, doorbell and camera. Echo will wake you up every morning and put a small on your face, so who wouldn’t love to receive the Amazon Echo as a birthday gift.

VR Headset

The virtual reality (VR) headset is a hot item and would definitely satisfy any gamer or movie enthusiast. The headset is designed to provide a 3D effect like no other. Many models connect to the user’s smartphone, so the user can warp into a virtual world, with tons of 3D images. People are turning to the VR headset to enhance their video gaming and movie watching experiences. You can score one of these devices for $40 or $50, so it will not break your bank account, but it will satisfy the recipient.

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