Top 3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Diamond

Man and woman choosing jewelleryDiamonds have proven to be the best traditional choice for Engagement Rings. You can count on their classic and timeless features. In fact, they the most popular type of centre gem and are highly durable in nature.
There are factors to look at while choosing the diamond that is right for you. Let's consider them individually in details:

1. Shape Of Diamond

Every diamond shape has a unique effect it displays. There are so many shapes of diamond available with their unique properties as can be seen below:

• Round diamonds - They offer optimum sparkle.

• Princess diamonds - They show a contemporary beauty that looks appealing in both classic and geometry settings.

• Cushion diamonds - They are suitable for vintage-inspired settings

• Radiant diamonds - They are stunning alternatives to other types especially for those who prefer rectangular shapes.

There are still combination kinds available such as:

• Asscher and emerald - They are step-cut and suitable for sleek and elegant appearance. They are more transparent and emit less sparkle when compared to round diamonds.

• Marquise, oval and pear-shaped diamonds - they help the finger to look long and slender because of their elongated appearance.

• Heart-shaped diamonds - They have a tint for strong romanticism and can express your feelings with a flourish.
The majority of the round brilliant diamonds are positioned in such a way that that most of the diamond sitting below the setting giving you the advantage to see at least a greater part of the complete stone. More of Marquise or pear-shaped diamonds show from the top view while looking down on the diamond.

Therefore, when choosing any shape, the personality and the personal choices of the person wearing the ring should be taken into consideration. Alternatively, if you do not know which particular shape to choose, then you can opt for round diamonds as they as more popular owing to their unimaginable brilliance and light performance.

Level Of Popularity Of Diamond

Round brilliant diamonds make up about 75% of all diamond purchase while Princess diamonds follow suit offering a round brilliant diamonds at a reduced price. Likewise, Asscher and Cushion diamonds have a lot of admirers especially from among people who are in love with romanticism and vintage styles.

2. Size Of Diamond

Size is the most visually apparent aspect of a diamond and it can be influenced by carat - the unit of weight of a diamond. Carat can be used as an approximation for the size of a diamond. When a diamond faces up, the measurements become rightful indication of the actual size.

3. Quality Of Diamond

The most important quality characteristic of a Round brilliant diamond is the cut, which impacts the brilliance, fire, and scintillation of the diamond. If the workmanship and cut of a diamond are poor, the diamond will look dull and lifeless. But for engagement rings, round brilliant diamonds with a cut grade of very good, ideal, or super ideal (also known as hearts and arrows) is highly recommended. Choosing a high cut grade maximizes the beauty of a diamond for a given carat weight.

The other main quality characteristics to decide are the colour and clarity of your diamond. Most people prefer a colourless or white diamond, or, at least, a colour that is not very detectable to the untrained eye. Clarity is usually the characteristic determined last, given it has the least impact on a diamond's appearance.

It is always best to choose a diamond that comes with an independent diamond grading certificate from a recognized gemological laboratory. An independent assessment ensures you are getting exactly what you are paying for. So, striking a balance between a diamond's size (as represented by carat weight) and its quality (or its cut, colour, and clarity) is highly recommended.


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