Tips when Shopping Bed Sheets

referwfftDespite knowing the fact that we spend more than one-third time of our lives in sleeping, some people do not show much interest in investing in quality bedding for better comfort and enhancing the beauty of the interior. On the other hand, people, who are concerned about comfort, quality, and appearance, never hesitate to invest money in quality products.

However, the process of choosing quality products can be a bit lengthy. You have to take care of issues like, thread count, fabric, pattern or solids that altogether make a quality product. So, let us discuss how to identify the coziest bed sheets.

Check out the number of threads

If you are looking for some expensive fabric, you should think about the thread count. However, many companies often cheat customers by reducing the number of threads, with double twist yarns.

If comfort is the priority, a 400 single pick percale sheet would be a good choice because it will give you a crisp and cool feel. In addition, if you prefer a soft and warm bed, choose a great stretchy jersey sheet.

Fabric is of importance

You will definitely not choose a sheet, which will not provide you with comfort and that is why you should look at the material your bed sheet is made of. If it is cotton, you can expect great comfort. Though pure cotton makes the bed sheets comparatively more expensive than other materials, it also makes the sheets soft and durable. Pima or Supima cotton can be another good material for a soft and a sheen sheet. It is less expensive than pure cotton. linen sheets are some of the most expensive out there but will last for decades.


While choosing sheets for your bed, look how they have been woven, as it will determine how they feel. If you are looking for a crisp and cool feeling, choose percale. Dense weave can be a good option for you, as the weave makes sheets wrinkle-free, extra-soft and resistant to water.


Apart from comfort, the design will definitely be a key factor in the process of choosing the coziest bed linens. It will be better if you select a small, medium and large-scale mix of patterns that come with a common color, as it can be an effective process of experimenting with prints.


It is difficult to work with just a single sheet throughout the year and that is why you should have more than one sheet so that you can use them according to your preferences. However, sheets that look cool can be a better option, as you can add a coverlet or blanket to make them cozier in the winter season.

Choose prints or plains

Now that you know the basics, it is time to look at the aesthetics of your bed sheets. You have to decide whether to get plains or prints. Plain colored ones would work well if you have printed pillows, blankets, and throws or if your motif is more on color blocking. Printed ones would look lovely too. Get bed sheets with striking prints on them that suit your taste.

Make sure you got the right fit

It is very important that you get the right size and fit for your bed sheets. If not, you might buy something that is too small or too big. If your mattress size is 38 x 75″, you need Twin Sheets. For 38 x 80″, Twin XL Sheets; 53 x 75″, Full (Double) Sheets; 60 x 80″, Queen Sheets; 78 x 80″, King Sheets and 72 x 84″ for California King Sheets.

Coordinate your bedding

Coordination is important. Look around your bedroom and determine your style and the colors you use for the decors. See to it that the bed sheet you get coordinates with the headboard and other fabrics on your bed. Some don’t really aim to get a perfectly coordinated look. That is actually fine but being coordinated will pull it all together in your bedroom.

Your bedroom is an essential part of your life. It is not only a room, but it is the place where you rest and rejuvenate for the next day. These are some of the key factors that you should be careful to check while choosing cozy sheets for your bed.

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