Tips for Shopping for Lab Equipment Online

Stocking the lab is an important part of making sure that everything is in order before experiments or other work begin. In the past, that used to mean dragging out the latest catalogue (or having to call for a catalogue and await its arrival) to see what kind of laboratory equipment was available and within your budget. Today, it’s as simple as performing an Internet search or finding your favourite lab equipment supplier’s website.

Of course, lab equipment is specialty equipment. You’ll want to identify what you need and whether you’re looking for new or used models. Used equipment can save money, but won’t be good for certain items. For example, while you can buy a used high-powered centrifuge with advanced technology, you’re going to want to stick to new purchases with Bunsen burners and other supplies.

Find out what your options are for shopping online, including the available vendors for the different equipment and instruments that you need. Consider a supplier that is willing to negotiate and help you get a contract that meets your needs. Ask if they also offer service contracts so that you have someone to call if the equipment fails at any point. Making sure that you’re buying lab supplies from the right people is essential to your success.

Make sure that you think about the pieces that you need, as well as the equipment that might be optional at this point. Make a list and start doing your research to see what you can afford. Then, you can make purchases from the top down and outfit your lab as best as possible until you have more money to invest in other equipment.

You’ll also want to comparison shop a little, just to make sure that you are getting the best prices for the equipment that you need and that you’re working with reputable suppliers to get what you need. Ask about packages, discounts, and other offers that may offset your costs. These tips will help you have a much smoother experience when it comes to procuring laboratory equipment online.

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