Tips for Choosing the Right Industrial Cleaning Products

The market is filled with a lot of industrial cleaning products that simply choosing one can be challenging. Things like cleaning solutions, bathroom supplies, cleaning accessories, paper products, and waste disposal products are essential to keep your place of business safe and clean.

So, whether you’re a business owner looking to procure your own cleaning supplies or a contract cleaner operator out to get the cleaning products on the market, here are tips you can use when choosing the right industrial cleaning products – especially when you’re buying wholesale.

  1. Consider the time required to use the product.

While all products for industrial cleaning have the same claim, not all of them are made equal. Some can clean surfaces almost instantaneously while others need to be left to sit for hours to take effect. Although they will get the job done, knowing how long these cleaning products need to take effect matters.

Cafes, restaurants, and other businesses centered around food service will need fast-acting cleaning products while other less frequented facilities can accommodate cleaning solutions that can take time. Using the right cleaning solutions can ensure continuous workflow and productivity of your business or the business you’re servicing.

  1. Consider storage requirements.

When you buy cleaning items in bulk, chances are, you won’t get to use them all at once. That said, you will have to store a good portion of your purchase. Make sure to check the storage requirements of these products as you don’t want your money going to waste when the cleaning products you bought go bad. Some will have to be stored in a cool dry place as its chemical composition may break down when exposed to different temperature variations which could affect their efficacy.

While the best cleaning products typically have long shelf life, some are longer than others. Consider the life expectancy of the cleaning solution and check how it compares to others. The same goes with the cleaning equipment you purchase. Consider the quality of the components and how long will it last when used and stored under the conditions of your store room.

  1. Be mindful of chemical concentration.

Ask yourself how strong do you want your cleaning products to be. A cleaner should be strong enough to remove dirt, grime, and smudges – but not too strong that it can eat away the material where it’s applied.

Moreover, these cleaning products, when rinsed, can make their way into bodies of water like rivers, lakes, and ponds. Using cleaners with potent chemical concentration can pose environmental concerns. It can also put employees in risk of health problems, both with short-term and long-term effects. Choosing environment-friendly products will not only be safer in general but it can also align with your company’s sustainability goals.

  1. Consider investing in commercial-grade products.

Stick to commercial-grade items when purchasing cleaning products and equipment. Whether it’s a mop or a vacuum cleaner, make sure to get ones that are used for industrial cleaning as they will have features you won’t find on products purchased for occasional home use. You may end up paying more as home-grade products may have weaker components not intended for long and demanding use. When they break down, you will have to buy another one and will have spent more money than you have intended. They are called heavy-duty for a reason.

  1. Buy from a known brand or a respectable supplier.

Buying wholesale cleaning products from known brands means that you are putting your money on a company that cares about the quality of their products. These brands have spent years establishing their name and they have their business to lose when their products fail to reach advertised expectations. The same thing goes when you buy from a supplier, those who have been in the business for years have strong business ties with known brands so you can be sure you’re getting original, authentic, and commercial-grade cleaning products.

Cheap cleaners may not clean as well as other brands. Your service as a contract cleaner operator or your business in general is affected due to the increase in costs because you will have to make another purchase of these items. Remember, you’re paying for quality not quantity.


Purchasing the right industrial cleaning products can be difficult, but by using these tips, you can easily be guided on what to look for and what to consider when deciding to make a purchase – whether it’s in large and bulk numbers, or just a few items to try it out

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