Tips And Tricks In Buying Used Camping Gears

night-839807_960_720If you love outdoors yet is a newbie at it, then you are reading the right article. While there are many articles that suggest the kinds of things a camper should bring when going outdoors they seem to be too much. It may seem you could already be packing your whole house, even if the intention isn’t so.

Campers also have the tendency to think that the camping gears they got are not enough for camping itself. Some of them even envy other campers for having such a cool gear for outdoor use. There are also too many websites that would introduce camping gears that are brand new in nature. One example is a camp stove that could also recharge a phone.

So what do you do? First-time campers can buy the newest of their camping stuff if they want. Those who are used to camping more often would usually just venture into buying used gears. There are people out there who would sell used camping gear at a more affordable price. Others would buy camping gears depending on their camping needs and what kind of outdoor they are going into. The good thing about used gears is that they are cheaper than the brand new ones and you can actually get a good deal out of it.

Here are some tips on what to look out for when buying a used camping gear:

  1. Know where to look. Online shopping is not the new normal and you can always get the best deal, either on eBay, or Craigslist. You just have to be very careful though with whom you trust. One downside of buying stuff online whether used or brand new is that you cannot be able to touch or try the gear you are buying except for the pictures they show you.
  1. Gear swap if you must. This is one of the easiest ways to shop for camping gears. Campers would trade their gears for another camping item which could be of equivalent price. If the item is not of the same value, you can pay for the rest of the value of the item in order to match the price of what the other person is asking for.
  1. Product reviews are helpful. Before buying a used gear, do check product reviews of items that you can buy as new. Not because you would already like to buy them but because you would like to find out about its functionality. You can also compare the prices of the items. Some sellers would sell their used gear at a brand new price which is a no-no. For that matter, it is always better to look around.
  1. Ask questions regarding the gear you buy. Always, always ask the other gear trader what he or she is selling and why he is she is selling it. Some sellers will not tell why they are selling their stuff but it is important that you ask even if this question could be awkward. This is important because you could be inheriting their problem with their equipment if you do not do so.
  1. Learn about season ratings. Some campers buy a generally usable product for any weather condition, thinking this is universally effective. Camping equipment usually depends on which time of the year you intend to go camping. Why should you care? Because you could be bringing heavy equipment where there is summer weather when you need a lightweight camping tent instead. This you should do in order to enjoy nature. It’s all common sense.
  1. Light packing is always the best way to go. After all your research and know which items you will need for camping out, narrow your focus on light yet durable camping gears to buy. Seasoned campers know and understand this by heart. It is more important to enjoy nature and camping at its best. Buy camping gears that can easily be broken down and can easily be packed away when necessary. By necessary we mean change of weather condition and if ever, dangerous encounters arise.

Love for camping gears can only come second if being able to go out matters more to you than any gear out there. The trick to have a fun camping adventure year after year or months apart is to have camping items that are sturdy enough to brave any weather and terrain condition. There is no point in buying new camping gears every so often. It would just be ridiculous to buy camping gears that will make you end up not having to go out after spending all your cash on the equipment and not to the camping experience after all.

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