The Shift to 24×7 Departmental Stores

shoppingThere has been a massive change in the lifestyle of people over the last few decades. In the past a majority of women were housewives and most grocery shopping was done from local vendors and carts. Over the last few years, there has been a shift towards 24×7 departmental stores.

Given the growing number of women who choose to pursue their careers and various other cost and economical factors such as the launch of large-scale chain stores, a preference towards 24×7 departmental stores has emerged.

Here are some of the factors contributing to the shift towards 24×7 departmental stores.

On hand availability of e-devices

Almost every person in India has a smartphone, tablet or laptop with Internet connectivity. This gives them instant access to all their shopping needs. The convenience factor of accessing a 24×7 departmental store far outweighs the time and effort that would otherwise have to be put into a physical shopping experience. Customers can now shorten their hour long and tiring shopping experience to a few enjoyable minutes with a few taps on a screen.

Business and careers

With many women choosing to pursue their careers instead of being stay-at-home-moms, the time they could allocate to grocery shopping has drastically decreased. Also, most brick and mortar departmental stores and supermarkets are only open till late evening, which gives working people only an hour or two to complete their shopping needs. With 24×7 departmental store websites offering free home delivery within the same working day and 24×7 online availability, men and women alike are no longer confined to their working hours to shop for their basic grocery and other household necessities.


Given the rate of inflation and the sharp rise in prices of many staples, foods and vegetables, many customers are now finding it much more cost effective to use 24×7 online departmental stores. A leading online departmental store has daily special offers, combo offers, discounts as well as festive offers which make it light on the pocket of customers. With a large young working population and a majority of them comfortable shopping online, the cost benefit of these websites has largely contributed to the shift 24×7 departmental stores.

Population in cities

The population in many cities has gone into overload. The time and effort that is spent on the commute and not to mention the waiting lines at stores due to overcrowding especially during weekends have proven to be a burden on consumers. 24×7 departmental stores allow the consumer the comfort of doing their monthly grocery shopping from their own homes and also the advantage of delivery within preferred time slots. When shopping online at 24×7 department stores, there is also the added benefit of being able to calculate your expenses before you reach the checkout.

Organic and Quality Products

Quality products and brands are often found in stores that are few and far apart, and the hunt for organic products has taken over the Indian consumer. 24×7 departmental stores have solved this problem by bringing world-class quality products to the consumer’s doorstep.


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