Shopping for your wedding gown – Few things to keep in mind

WeddingIs your wedding right around the corner? If the date is fixed and you’re soon to become a bride, this is the perhaps going to be the busiest time ever as you have to go out shopping for your wedding gown and also get all the right accessories with the dress. Since this is a lifetime experience, you would definitely want to have the best things ever so that you can remember this day throughout your lifetime.

So, if you’re about to buy yourself your wedding dress, there are few important things that you need to keep in mind. What are they? You should study up on everything before you hit the stores. Here are few points to remember.

  • Make sure you have a price range in mind

Don’t ever make the mistake of hitting the stores without having a budget in mind. If you set the budget as $15,000 for your wedding dress, there’s no point in wasting time behind gowns that are totally out of range. It is definitely better to bring forth a realistic price point so that you get more time to edit or know the amazing options which you can actually afford. Don’t forget to include the costs of alteration, shipping fees, taxes, your veil costs, lingerie, shoes and jewelry or accessories that you need to team up the look.

  • Start ahead of time and hurrying won’t help you

It is true that you will require at least 6-8 months to get your wedding gown and that too if you’re really decisive about it. In case you’re a picky shopper, an impulsive one who doesn’t know what she wants, it is better for you to start off 8-10 months before your wedding month. Allow yourself enough of time as if you put it off for a very long time, the selection of dresses could then become limited or you may end up making a quick decision which you can regret later on.

  • Determine what you like and what you had been dreaming about your wedding dress

Start getting clues from the venue of your wedding, the exact time of the day on which you’re going to get married as such information can help you narrow down your choice. Cancel all those silhouettes and fabrics which won’t work during that season or which might make your gown look more bulky. You can install The Know app on your smartphone to get ideas on how your wedding gown should look and the various designers to choose from. You may also have a look at LuvBridal as they too have an awesome collection of wedding gowns.

Hence, if you’re a would-be-bride, you should keep the above mentioned points in mind before buying yourself a wedding gown. Know more on all kinds of bridal accessories that you can wear on your D-day. Ultimately, buy only that which you have been dreaming of wearing your wedding day and don’t settle with anything less than that.

If you have any questions, please ask below!