Re-using bulk bags can solve all risks of supply chain and save your Pounds!-Know how

bulk bagUsing multi trip bulk bags over other forms of packaging not only offers safety and convenience to the customers but it also has economic benefits to the companies. Firstly, moving a bulk bag away from the smaller sacks can offer increased productivity, waste and manpower and less expense on packaging. With the help of a multi trip bulk bags, the users are easily able to measure their commodities and load in a more accurate manner with less handling of material. Bulk bags also offer an option for sale for distribution. Decanting bulk bags are also easier through a discharge spout and this saves both labour and time.

Did you know that reusing of bulk bags (Mutli Trip can only be reused commercially) can help you avoid the risks of supply chain while saving money on each use of bag. There are price risks, production risks, design risks, availability risks, environmental risks and bait & switch risks. Read on to know more on how the aforementioned risks are avoided.

Inventory: A closed loop refurbishing process starts with buying of such dumpy bags at a rebated price from your Re-use partner. Make sure that your Re-use partner has a good quality system to place a warranty on new bulk bags that they produce and inspect according to your specifications. Once a bulk bag has been successfully filled or discharged, the company has proved that it has been successfully designed for your needs.

Shipping: Usually, bulk bags are filled and shipped to a customer or discharger where they can be empted. The empty bulk bags are picked at the location of discharge by your Re-use partner. When the discharger's bags usage volume supports the labelling, pickup and shipping logistics, the Re-use partner can supply apt racking equipment and bag compressing. As the bulk bags are being shipped to your Re-use partnet, an eco-friendly motion is soon set in, thereby eliminating any kind of risks caused to the environment.

Track & Inspect: Once the bags are received at your re-used partner's place, they should be immediately inspected into an inventory tracking system. The permission to know where your bags are and always having access to them will mitigate the total availability risk, instead of enduring a 90-120 day time of new production of FIBC bulk bags.

Refurbish and clean: Bulk bags are usually cleaned by your Re-use partner to let go of the material which was previously used in the big bag and then any repairs are made. Through a good cleaning process, you should be able to remove more than 99% of the last materials and the repairs should also be able to meet or surpass the testing standards of the industry.

A closed loop recycling program will avoid all the supply chain risks that are mentioned above. Moreover, the program is environment friendly and this enhances the sustainability position. Once you take the decision of driving your supply chain costs, you can soon put your potential Re-use partner to test by doing a small-scale pilot.

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