Pizza Stone Materials to Look at

In today’s world, it has become normal to make pizzas at home, over going to a restaurant.

Whether because you are trying to become healthier or simply because you want to experiment with your kitchen.

And, while there are many tools used in making the perfect pizza (regardless of whether you own your own restaurant, or are just cooking for yourself at home), there is a consensus that having the right pizza stone is crucial.

However, buying a pizza stone is not as simple as it may appear to be. Namely, you have to know what you are looking for.

The perfect pizza stone for one individual may not be the perfect pizza stone for somebody else.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the different pizza stone materials available. Something that an average pizza consumer would have no idea about.

Clay pizza stone

This is the typical classic pizza stone that you will see in your average kitchen.

They are probably the most popular because they have the purpose of matching a brick oven that’s designed for pizza making.

And, as most people know, brick ovens are the best ovens if your goal is to make pizza.

These clay stones consume the heat from your oven, and allows your pizza to receive direct heat. Thus, giving you the even crust that you want in a pizza.

Cast Iron pizza stone

These types of pizza stones are made with versatility and convenience in mind. Mainly, an easy to use pizza stone that will allow you to cook faster without giving up quality.

Most cast iron pizza stones include handles, in order to allow you to place and remove your stone from your oven easily.

More importantly, cast iron pizza stones heat up a lot faster than clay pizza stones. A typical cast iron stone heats up in half the time of a clay pizza stone.

Additionally, because the material is extremely durable, they won’t break in extreme changes of temperature.

Similarly, you can expect the stone to stay hot once it reaches your desired temperature.

Essentially, it is a very versatile kitchen tool. And, if you are still on the fence about a cast iron stone, then take into account that it can be used in other cooking vessels.

Without a doubt, when looking at pizza stones and ovens, you have to take a good look at cast iron stones.

Steel made pizza stone

Steel pizza stones are very similar to cast iron stones. But nevertheless, have their own unique features that separate them from the rest.

Like cast iron stones, steel pizza stones heat up very fast, and provide you with excellent even baked pizzas.

Moreover, the steel material gives way to excellent heat conduction. Especially when you compare it to ceramic stones.

On the other hand, these steel stones are of course very durable. However, please keep in mind that compared to other types of pizza stones, these are a bit more expensive.

Also, while it is not much of a detractor for most consumers, these type of stones are also a lot heavier and for the most part do not have carrying handles.

Ceramic made pizza stone

Finally, ceramic stones are perfect for those who are more concerned with the pizza style itself. This type of stone is by far the easiest to use and to take care of.

More specifically, they are excellent for beginners. So if you are new to using stones whether for pizza or for cooking anything else, ceramic stones are the way to go.

Moreover, they come in different styles, which will allow you to give your stone your own look and feel. As well as giving you the ability to make any type of pizza.

They also benefit from not rusting over time, something that cannot be said about steel pizza stones for example.

That being said, keep in mind that while these type of ceramic pizza stones are easy to clean, they won’t make as good pizzas as with the other type of stones.

It is a tradeoff that you have to decide if you are willing to make. Which, brings us back to what we said earlier about choosing a stone that is best for your needs.

You cannot go wrong with any of these stones. Generally speaking, most avid pizza stone users have more than one stone in order to switch up their types of pizzas.

Thus, go with the stone(or stones) that best fit your needs and be on your way to some great pizza making!

If you have any questions, please ask below!