Online vs In-store Shopping: What is Your Choice?

Time has always been precious. And when the digital world offers us multiple opportunities to make our life easy and save our time, we happily accept that. Thus, it’s better sometimes to play a PlayStation than to go out for a football game, or to choose clothes online than in a brick-and-mortar shop, isn’t it true? And what’ s your choice and what is more inviting for you? Let’s see what the world is turning to.

Both online and offline retailers aim to make your purchasing experience seamless. Yet, being one click away from a product you’ve been dying to buy for quite a while seems a well-grounded reason to buy it and buy it fast. Most people do so. Statistics clearly prove that with a nonstop increasing security level, immense product selection and opportunity to fast compare prices, consumers’ preferences are shifting to online shopping. Online retailers seem to be going out of their way to smooth any bump imaginable on the pathway of their potential customers to enter their virtual stores. No wonder, digital buyers show their gratitude and press on to spend money on numerous things at one go. Here is what professional personal stylists outline as the main reasons for the immense popularity of the online shopping:

  • Fast payments. With security becoming increasingly enhanced, fees going cheaper and transactions getting faster.
  • Convenience. Online shopping convenience is something that cannot be denied. No need to take off the pajamas and leave your home, your computer or laptop are always at hand. A mobile phone is even better: no matter where you are, smart retailers have already adjusted their stores to your devices. All you have to do is to pull out your phone and click Buy Now.
  • Showrooming. E-tail services addressed the consumer’s need to please the sense of touch and the sales process innovation didn’t come unnoticed: as stats from 2015 demonstrate, showrooming has surged and turned into a usual practice with 75% of shoppers using their smartphones when in an offline store.
  • Customer service. Once being a sticky point in the online shopping, it is no longer a concern today. Online retailers went that far as to give you a chance to order a delivery of several products to try them on in the comfort of a customer’s home and make a choice.
  • Customer reviews. Always there for you as a lifesaver when you are in doubt. People are brutally honest in their feedbacks and, thus, give you a guidance you need so much. Shopping offline falls short here. A salesperson is never going to tell you that some product is faulty or just doesn’t suit you right.
  • Free returns. According to statistic data, 67% of consumers check the returns conditions before making a purchase. That means that most of the digital stores came up with a convenient “no question asked” return policies.

Though advocates of online shopping are numerous, there is still a wide swath of people who prefer not to digitize shopping experience and are convinced that traditional stores are here to stay. Brick-and-mortar stores are still tempting buyers with their sleek designer shop windows promising them to re-discover the thrill of shopping while hanging out with friends and having fun. Offline stores face the challenge of saving their market share in the framework of competition with online stores with their our advantages:

  • Payment became faster. No more endless check-out lines as Quick check and contactless mobile payments are there in an offline store to reduce waiting time dramatically.
  • Zero waiting period. This is something that can never be taken away from the in-store shopping experience. The coveted item becomes yours the moment you pay for it and nothing can separate you.
  • Unprecedented customization. There are brands offering customization of a product within one hour or less. You can leave the store wearing a unique not mass-produced garment of your own design.
  • Going through an entirely different experience. The main advantage of shopping in person is still to see, use, feel, try on and even smell things before you buy them.
  • Spa-like environment. With customers becoming pickier about the atmosphere in a store, eschewing crowded and loud shops, retailers granted their in-person customers stylish, relaxed, spotless clean and not frenzied environment.
  • Competitive prices and discount programs. This is something that can surprise you nowadays in a brick-and-mortar store. For sales to pick up offline stores are luring shopper offline and allow online ordered items to be picked up in stores. Moreover, sometimes you can get a discount for an in-store pickup.

Final word

When it comes to choosing online or in-store shopping, the best option is to connect experiences nailing that perfect balance between experiences and advantage the positive things both of them offer.

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