Most Popular Brands that have Excellent eCommerce Websites

On the web, you can find popular and well-known brands that have excellent eCommerce websites to sell their wide range of products. However, it is not necessary that all the brands have user-friendly and attractive websites to sell their products online. In this competitive market, it is mandatory for eCommerce businessmen to have a fast and robust website, where they can easily sell their all products without any hassle.

Day-by-day, the popularity of online shopping is increasing as in the year 2012, more than 53% of Americans shopped on the web. Forrester Research predicts that by 2016, more than $320 billion will be spent on the online shopping. By considering these numbers, we can say that online sales become a norm and all the eCommerce websites are facing huge competition in the market. Here, I have listed some popular brands that have excellent eCommerce websites to run their online business successfully.



There are lots of people, who are very picky about their products and such people are well represented among fans of sneakers. To serve their customers exceptionally, Adidas has wonderful online store that allows people to browse products by category. Customers are allowed to filters the search results with lots of options like sub-category, size, gender, style, color and more.

In the above given image, you can see that the home-page of website has different category navigation that ease shopping of its customers. By clicking on the particular category, you can get options of various products and click on particular product as per your wish. At the top of the page, you would find a navigation that manages lots of information without seeming cluttered.

COCO Channel


As we all know that COCO Channel is one of the most popular fashion brands, so it is important for the brand to provide such eCommerce website that delivers its brands image while keeping the user design simple and easy. The website of this brand offers all this and makes it look wonderful for customers.

The website give completely dynamic and elegance look while the simple layout of this site enables users to Quick Buy perfumes online and various other products. When it comes to talk about the best thing about this website, its amalgamation of brand philosophy with UX design is vibrant. By looking its website, we can say that how wonderfully this website comprehends its customers.



Another most popular brand that has an excellent eCommerce website is Philips and the best thing about this brand is its added benefits for consumers, who purchase products online. Philips customers may choose products by category and customize listings as per the price and get environment-friendly.

However, customers are able to compare prices instantly, and learn more features about the product and see a big thumbnail of the product itself. Customers do not have to click extra times to get a clear view of the picture.



Among various brands, Intel is also popular for offering the best ecommerce website that allows people to purchase laptops, desktops, processors and many new products. The brand provides an excellent e-store that offers you the liberty to choose different items in your curated search results and then click on the compare button.

However, this website automatically creates gird and shows you with user-friendly analysis of each product. Users can also start their purchasing process without being nagged about accounts or registrations.

So, these are some of the useful and practical examples that surely help you to understand the concept of eCommerce website. By looking at these examples, you will get an idea that how to make your ecommerce website unique, user-friendly and easy to access.

By providing easy and simple user interface, you can guide your buyers through the purchase process and allows them to navigate back and forth between the pages using navigation breadcrumbs. Apart from, you need to provide product overviews that mention specifications, price, variations and any extra information you want the buyer to know. You can also mention visible calls to action like ‘Buy buttons' and ‘Try It' links with minimal forms or registration hurdles.

Check-out this video that helps you to comprehend eCommerce website's requirements:


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