How to Sell Your Rolex in Atlanta for Quick Cash

Owning a Rolex is one of most men’s pride and women who admired their daddies. But there comes a time when you may no longer need the valuable item. It may be because it reminds you of someone you’d rather not remember, or you may just simply be in need of some extra cash and it’s one of the things you can get rid of. If you are in Atlanta and wondering how to go about it, this article is for you. Here are a few pointers to guide you to make some extra quick bucks.

The Condition of the Rolex

You can sell your Rolex in most conditions, even if it’s not working. As long as all the pieces are together, you should be able to get someone who will value it because it is a Rolex. You will get more money for your watch depending on its age and condition. The newer it looks, the more money you may get for it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have an old looking Rolex, you won’t get more money for it. If you have a vintage or rare Rolex, chances are that you may get even more money for it than even buying a new Rolex. These are the ones that go to collectors, and Rolex collectors pay handsomely for antique and rare pieces.

Even if you bought your Rolex just a month ago, don’t expect to sell it at the same price. The moment you bought the watch, it’s market value depreciated due to the wonders of economics and business principles. And if you bought it a while back and you still have its box and papers to prove authenticity, don’t expect special treatment. There are buyers who may appreciate that you still have its original packaging, but most Rolex buyers will have experts who will be able to tell the true value of the watch without you showing them how responsible and sincere you are.

Moreover, if you have an old looking Rolex, please don’t even think of doing anything to it to improve its appearance or anything. Don’t service or refurbish it because you think it’ll be more valuable that way. Like I said before, there are Rolex collectors who value vintage or rare Rolex watches. These collectors prefer these watches in their natural untampered state. And even if something is not working right or looks wrong with the Rolex you have, servicing it will be a complete waste of your money. If you service it, you may not get as much money as you expected. Most Rolex buyers have the required facilities and resources to service these watches by themselves and will charge you a lot for servicing them. Just sell the watch as is. You want to make some extra bucks; not waste some.

Selling Your Rolex

Chances are that you don’t walk around a lot because you prefer driving, so you may not have noticed that you can sell your Rolex to Chapes-JPL in Atlanta. Be that as it may, the best way for discovering awesome places like Chapes-JPL in Atlanta where you can sell your Rolex is by doing what you may be thinking of right now; Google. Or you could ask a few reliable friends if you know someone who can give sound advice in this area. I’ll assume you don’t know anyone and just write more about Google. Most places that buy Rolex watches in Atlanta already have websites. By doing a Google search, you’ll discover various of them. But which one should you go for?

Pick the one with a good reputation and with years of experience in the field. Also, consider the ones with experts in Rolex watches. A mere jewelry store is not necessarily the best place to sell your watches. There are experts who have specialized in Rolex and these are the ones who will pay you money worth the true value of your Rolex.

You may have to look around for a while until you find a place that works for you. Consider picking a place that’s close to home. Pick a few places that are close to where you live. You can visit these places and have them evaluate your piece so that you compare prices and see who’s being sincerer and who’ll offer the kind of cash you want for the watch.

That’s it. It’s not rocket science. You are selling a Rolex watch in Atlanta. It shouldn’t be that difficult. I believe you are smart enough to take what’s useful from this article and earn yourself some quick bucks.

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