How to Pick a Professional Chainsaw

Chainsaw is one of the most potent tools in the shed. It is mainly used for some occasional yard work which includes trimming branches and rough edges, shaping them appropriately, etc. Though if you are interested in using chainsaw frequently, then you must opt for a professional chainsaw. It can be used when you have to get involved in hard and intensive work.

The professional chainsaw has various features which make it capable of handling intensive, gruesome and regular cutting tasks. It is compelling and has high capacity, durability, and capabilities. It is different from the standard chainsaw as it has a longer bar length and has better efficiency than them.

What you should look for in a chainsaw:

Purpose: At first you need to understand that chainsaw is not a toy. Your handling and purpose of use will determine the kind of chainsaw you will pick up. But first, you have to decide your purpose, Like, home use, gardening, landscaping, carpentering or arborist. Every application has a different variety of chainsaw to be out to use.

Expertise: Using a chainsaw is not easy. If caution is not exercised, it can cause unfortunate accidents. So if you are a beginner, your chainsaw will be different and less complicated in function as compared to expert chainsaw users.

Kind of wood to cut: The wood that you choose to cut also plays an essential role in selecting the sort of chainsaw you have to use. Both softwood and hardwood need to be cut through different blades.

Safety first: Looking for your safety is paramount. Always chose a chainsaw with better safety features.

Guide bar length: Bar length is the area of actual cutting. The larger the guide bar length, the more significant piece of wood the chainsaw can cut.

Kickback: You must take care of the kickback of the chainsaw as well. The lowest kickback gives the perfect cut and saves you from getting hurt when the chainsaw reverts or rebound when it hits an object in between when it’s cutting.

If you are looking for a professional chainsaw, then you must keep in mind various factors which will help you pick the best chainsaw for you.

Some of the best chainsaws are mentioned below:

  • Echo CS 600P Gas Chainsaw: It is undisputedly the best tool available in the market. It is incredibly built and has the best quality among all other chainsaw models available in the market. It has a 59cc professional grade engine which makes it the most powerful and most robust engine along with broader than average torque curves. It has an inbuilt digital ignition system which can make adjustments automatically. It also provides clutch driven oilers so that the oil consumption is low. It can be used for long shifts and offers excellent service with minimum wear and tear situations.
  • Poulan Pro 967061501 Gas Powered Chain Saw: It has an effortless pull starting system which makes it easy starting this tool up. It has a powerful 2 stroke engine 50cc with Oxypower engine technology. It is a bit eco-friendly as it consumes 20 percent less gasoline and makes 70 percent less emission. It comes with a standard 20-inch bar. It is robust enough to handle all kinds of wood chopping tasks. It is one of the most affordable chainsaws available in the market which is user-friendly and also has excellent reliability.
  • Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas-Powered Chain Saw: Husqvarna is one of the oldest company which has been making great chainsaw. This model is one of the most professional chainsaw model available in the market. It has a standard bar of 20 inches and weighs roughly 12 pounds. It has the high capacity with high durability and high performance. It is also equipped with a 2 stroke gas powered X torque engine which has reduced the fuel consumption noticeably. It consumes 20 percent less fuel and cuts down emission to 60 percent. Not only this, but it comes with a centrifugal air cleaning system. It is one of the best model available in the market.
  • Zombi ZCS5817 Cordless Electric Chainsaw: It is one of the best electricity powered chainsaw tool available in the market. It is a light-weight, portable and messes free. It comes with powerful 58 V 4 Ah Battery and a 16 inch long Oregan bar and chain robust brushless motor. It has a hand guard and chain brake as well. The best thing about it is it comes with a 5-year warranty. If you are willing to buy an eco-friendly and efficient chainsaw, then this is the one.

If you are about to invest your money in buying the best professional chainsaw, then you must go through the chainsaw as mentioned above models and learn about their specifications. This will help you pick the best out of all the chainsaw available in the market.

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