How to Choose the Right Laptop For You

If you need or want a laptop but don’t know where to start because you’re confused by the many types and variants out there, then you’ve come to the right place. Laptops are the computer of choice for working professionals or people who are always on-the-go. These devices are designed and marketed to be a convenient and portable solution for those who want to take advantage of a computer while having the freedom to move and work anywhere.

The first step to choosing the right laptop for you is knowing what options are available out there for you with the budget you have allocated for this device. For example, do you need it for gaming, work, or both? Are you contented with a 15-inch screen or do you want a larger one? All of the answers to questions like these are crucial in your search because unlike desktop computers, laptops mostly can’t swap out parts like they can. Here are some spec choices that may encounter to decide later on:

Operating System: MacOS or Windows?

One of the most central decisions you will ever make when choosing a laptop is whether you want to have a MacOS or Windows machine. It is a rivalry that is as old as when personal computers have been revolutionized for better public consumption. Both have staunch defenders and loyal users who regularly wax poetic about the products they hold in high regard. While the advantages and disadvantages of these two deserve an entire article on its own, it still all boils down to the preference of the user.

Windows is compatible with most laptop brands and several accessories so owning one is somewhat common. Recently, Microsoft has released the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book which has earned a lot of praise and generally good feedback from tech experts. If you do decide to get a laptop that runs on MacOs, note that MacBooks come in variants. There is the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and though they differ slightly in specs, they are widely known by their coveted ultra-slim style. Getting any kind of laptop is moot if the hardware isn’t geared up to be protected by the elements and from accidents, so definitely get some well-built MacBook Air hard cases, MacBook Pro crystal covers, or anything that gives laptops some protective covering.

Size Matters

Picking a size actually matters when you have decided to get a laptop. Depending on how small or large the screen size is, one can tell the capacity of the machine. For example, 11-inch to 14-inch models are actually more portable so they’re great for traveling. They’re cheaper too, and because they’re smaller they have no DVD drives. Their computing power is decent for basic tasks, but they don’t fare too well when it comes to mid-range to heavy gaming.

Those at the 15-inch to 16-inch range are set as the standard size of laptops. They’re portable enough to be carried anywhere, but also not so small that it cannot accommodate a DVD drive, a better resolution screen, and the capability to handle a lot of tasks and some mild gaming with its mid-range graphics card. There’s a reason they’re in the middle of the spectrum— they tick most of the features that people want in a laptop and price is not too cheap or expensive as well.

As for 17-inch screen laptops and above, they make good replacements for a desktop PC but are unfortunately heavy to be ported around despite its capacity to be lugged around. Laptops, like versatile gaming laptops, have high end parts and can carry tasks and gaming with ease, but are unfortunately the most expensive among laptop types.

Look at Budget

What’s the most your allocated budget can go for a laptop with needs you’ve specified? It can be a little discouraging to go laptop shopping with limited funds but there’s always something for everyone and all that’s needed is a little effort. There are laptops that have decent specs at low prices on the internet and if checking out the second-hand market is not something you’re against doing, then, by all means, go take a look at some of the stuff that is there too.

Deciding and buying consumer electronics, in general, can be a little challenging especially when new technology keeps popping up every few years, even months. It is understandable to get the best bang for the buck, especially when the gadget is expensive enough to be considered an investment. With the internet readily available to everyone, research, reading customer reviews, and engaging in forums would greatly help narrow down the information needed to select the right laptop for you.

If you have any questions, please ask below!