How Is Qatar Reacting To E-commerce?

Today, only if you’re in dire need of a commodity, then you go out to buy it immediately. But if you have a gestation period for the requirement, you use the applications on your mobile phone or laptop to order it. Be it groceries, clothes, appliances, or anything else – you give it 2-4 days, and it’s available on your door-step!

E-commerce has transformed the way we look at buying-and-selling. We’re all aware of the radical transformation that Amazon stirred-up. And right after that, multiple companies ventured into e-commerce for their business.

Qatar’s digital landscape is untapped and very potent. As digital marketing professionals, we must use this opportunity to upscale the digital arena and make e-commerce activities effortless.

With 92% of internet penetration, Qatar’s e-commerce marketis on a meteoric rise. The Qataris are trusting and supporting the rising trend of shopping online which wasn’t the case a decade back. Such a change has led the marketers to believe that e-commerce will touch US$2.20 billion by the end of 2020.

While people in Qatar love the idea of shopping online, they are overwhelmed by the growing use of smart-phones and other mobile devices. These handy devices are giving the liberty to make purchases more often and spend less with discounts and offers.

All these facts predict that mobile commerce is here to stay!

Whether it is a desktop site or mobile site, the technologists are coming up with more advanced and detailed techniques to offer the best navigation and shopping experience to the shoppers. Here are the latest e-commerce trends of 2020 that are in a boom. Have a look!

The era of personalization

Let’s map the journey of buying-and-selling with an example. Earlier, when we went out to buy clothes, we went to shops where the shopkeeper would show us clothes according to our requirements. Later, a newer model of malls came in where we would pick out clothes that we liked without any assistance. Walking further towards advancement, we came into the era of e-commerce, where personalization became a trend. Today, all these three models exist harmoniously, but if we had to choose a winner, it would be E-commerce.

E-commerce has capitalized on the changing consumer preferences. Some say that it may have been the reason why consumer preferences have shifted, and others believe that it is a consequence of the change. Either way, E-commerce has brought forth a different customized where personalization and comfort go hand-in-hand.

The chatbot is the future

Conversations help the business to grow and bring revenue. On the other hand, it helps the customers to clear their doubts, recommends the best option, and guides them to make the best choice. Conversations are growing so important that conversational commerce is expected to be the next-big-thing, and the chatbot is the major part of it.

One of the most happening trends of technology for websites is the development of the Chatbots for the websites.

There are broadly three uses of the chatbots:-

  • To interact with the customers and know their needs well
  • To generate the leads
  • To accumulate information

Furthermore, the engineers are using Artificial Intelligence to make the necessary improvements in these customer-serving chatbots. It will help in understanding the responses of the users in a better manner and take further intelligent steps.

Voice search is the next big thing

An estimation claims that the global voice search market will hit the revenue of $40B by 2022.

While Google claims that voice searches exhibit 20% of the total searches, it is estimated that mobile commerce will experience similar behavior in the coming years.

This update is going to affect the search engines and websites, both. That is why businesses must incorporate new ideas into these websites to deal with the needs of the customers.

We know that technological advancements are a way to match the changing consumer preference that is bending towards luxury and comfort with each passing inflection point. Be it the introduction of e-commerce or voice-search after that – these changes have always catered to the needs of the masses.

It is possible that shortly, the mobile websites and apps may be designed keeping the voice searches in mind to reap better profits

Artificial Intelligence is the game-changer

Push notification is one of the oldest ways to track the buying pattern of the users. It is mostly used in mobile e-commerce to make important decisions. It is nothing new, right? Wrong!

Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer. It is going to change the way push notifications operate. The technologists are planning to make certain changes in the push notifications by making it more independent with the help of AI. It will help in organizing the data in a better way, which will eventually aid in triggering the customers better.

How Can Qatar Grab The Opportunity?

We just saw how e-commerce is the next big inflection point to match consumer preferences, followed by a few more radical changes within it. 2020 is the year of unprecedented crests and troughs; these points here will help you identify the potential in each of the aspects mentioned above. And that will allow you to devise a strategy to grow your e-commerce website.

Your business still needs a website to adapt these evolving developments to enhance the revenue and reach your customers easily. As per the Clutch, ZealousWeb Qatar is the leading digital solution provider in Qatar, that offers smart IT services to clients globally. It provides the best professional digital services to drive traffic in this ever-changing technological world.

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