Five Essential Reasons to Choose Certified Diamonds

diamondWhen shopping for a diamond ring or any diamond jewellery in fact, it’s important to ensure it’s been certified. Buying a certified ring is essential as a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of the ring and also in case you need to sell it, insure it or pass it down to future generations.

Just like buying a car, you wouldn’t drive one out of the garage without documentation; the same is true for diamonds. Wherever possible, only ever buy a diamond ring which has valid certification that comes with it. This is your guarantee of its authenticity and something which you need to keep safe along with the item itself.

Quality & Authenticity
A diamond certification is not made by the diamond seller but by an independent assessor. The certificate provides a detailed analysis of the stone including the four C’s of clarity, cut, colour and carat as well as some other facets. It doesn’t however include a valuation of the ring. The document can be comprehensive and to the untrained eye a lot of it may not make sense. You don’t need to worry too much about everything it says, but most importantly check that it comes from an authorised diamond certification authority and that the carat and clarity match what the seller has told you. With certified diamond rings you can be sure of what you are buying.


Just because a diamond is not certified doesn’t mean it’s not a real diamond, but it’s harder for you as the buyer to assess its value. It’s easier to compare the aspects which we can’t always see with our own eyes, such as the clarity or the carat of diamonds, if there are certificates to refer to.

In order to insure your diamond you will need a valuation appraisal alongside your diamond certificate. This is vital however in case your item is lost or stolen. Unlike expensive items like televisions, diamonds also have great personal emotion attached to them. But unlike old letters or photos they are also of a high value. That’s why of everything you own, jewellery is often held as the most precious being both financially and emotionally valuable.

If you need to sell
No-one thinks they will ever need to sell on their diamond ring, but sometimes people do. If you do choose to sell your item on at a later date you will not only get a better price for a diamond which has its own certificate, but you will find it easier to sell.

To pass on

If you intend to hand down your precious diamond ring to your offspring, perhaps in your will, you could really help them out by making sure you have held on to your certificate. This will make it easier for them if they choose to sell or insure the ring too.

A diamond certificate is like a policy which assures you of the quality and authenticity of your diamond ring. Certified diamond rings are easier to sell on and easier to insure than their non-certified counterparts.

Tom Brown is a diamond expert who regularly contributes articles related to diamond shopping to a range of websites. She always advises others to buy certified diamond rings where possible.

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