False Alarm! How to Avoid Buying a Fake Accessory

Buying authentic designer goods has definitely become a risky business since there are so many counterfeit products out there on the market. They even range in quality, there are obvious fakes but there are high quality fake products too and you have to be a real detective in order to make sure the product you are buying is a genuine original. Here are some tips on what you should pay attention to in order to get yourself an authentic designer accessory and avoid fakes.

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Familiarize yourself with the original

The best way to be able to tell an original from a fake is to familiarize yourself with the original. Learn about it, read all about it online on the product’s page, look at the photos of it and search for specific details. Many manufacturers of fake goods work only from pictures and don’t pay much attention to the details and the inside parts of the product. If you’re buying a designer bag for example, count the pockets and zippers, check the lining, know the product inside and out. That is your best bet if you want to succeed in your investigation.

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Compare prices

Fakes are usually cheap and generally affordable to anyone. Originals are much more expensive, and you should always check their real price as close to the source as possible: on their official website, or in their retail stores. Compare international prices too. Some better quality fakes might be in the more expensive price brand, but they still won’t be close to the real price of the original since their goal is to sell. If you want to buy used goods off of eBay or some other platform like that, the same rules apply: you will want to check the general price ratio for used designer goods of your desired brand.

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Check for quality

The quality of a product will be the best parameter in determining whether it is authentic or fake. As we have mentioned, when you know your product, you know what to expect. Leather accessories will usually be of best quality leather if they are originals, and of low quality if fakes. You can tell it is low quality if there are differences in color or texture, thickness and the direction of stretches on leather, uneven stitches and shallow metal parts. Originals are made of better quality materials generally, be it metal, plastic, leather or wood. They will usually be heavier, sturdier, perfectly even and without a single mistake or they wouldn’t have passed quality control in the factory.

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Buy from trustworthy sellers

You should be careful where and who you buy your designer goods from. Big retail chains will have authentic products as well as high fashion outlets. Do a little research and check where other people buy their goods, there is a lot of feedback now online and you can find a reliable place.

If you are buying used goods, always check the reputation of the seller, read all feedback on their profile and most importantly, pay attention to the photos of the product they are selling. If they have an official web photo of the product uploaded, ask for the photos of the real product they are selling, and ask for detailed description.

If you invest a little time and effort into learning about your desired product, and then pay close attention to all the above mentioned details, we are sure you will find the true authentic designer gem you want.


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