Couponing – Hidden Secrets

Saving money is the main objective of coupons, from the consumer’s point of view. Of course, one of the goals of the retailer is to attract more customers but let’s focus on helping you save money. Anyone who is into saving money (excluding misers) has coupons as one of the critical ways of saving money. Coupons have existed for decades, and today they are available in digital format. It is only natural that digital coupons would accompany online shopping. Here are the things that may be hidden from the naked eye as far as coupons are concerned.

When to Go For Coupons

The first hidden truth about coupons regards which coupons you should invest in. Just because an item has a coupon does not mean that it is a good deal for you. Remember, your goal here is to save money. The instance you buy something you don’t need, you’ve wasted money.

I once heard my wise aunt give my sister a piece of advice about saving money at home. She advised her to avoid buying foods that her husband or kids don’t like because that food will likely end up in the garbage can; it is the same as throwing away the money she used to purchase it. The same advice applies here; if you want to buy a product with coupons, ensure the product is valuable to you. Since you’ll be buying it often, the coupon will have more meaning because then, you’ll indeed, be saving money.

Compare Prices

The main idea here is, oh yes, comparing prices. Be careful with brand names because even when they have coupons accompanying them, they may still be pricey. If you can get the same item elsewhere at a more affordable price, then it is wise to consider that other place. Just because you’ve found a coupon doesn’t mean that you have the best deal. If you have the time, compare different prices from different stores.

Shopping online is an excellent place for comparing prices and coupon deals. Furthermore, you can even find coupons with better discounts for the same product. Online, there are coupon websites with different coupons for the same item. From such websites, you can compare what you stand to gain from the various offers and go with the coupon that gives you the best advantage.

My Precious

Whenever you find special deals like high-value coupons, wait until the item for the coupon offers more discount. However, there is only so long that you can wait. There is the expiration date to watch out for, and if you are not careful, you may lose the coupon. However, the main point here is timing. Just wait and see whether you can get a better discount for that special item with the special coupon. Sometimes you need the item so bad that you can’t wait. Be that as it may, if you can wait, wait; you may get a chance to save more money.

Dear Manufacturer

This is something you mostly see played out in movies – mostly comedies – where someone writes a letter to the manufacturer of a product, probably to complain about something because the box of the item indicated that the consumer is free to contact the company in case of any dissatisfaction with the product or something.

Nonetheless, in this case, the idea is not to complain but to express gratitude for the usefulness of the product to you. This is an old trick, and you’ll be surprised how long and how often people have been doing it. Provided you are sincere and original, chances are that the manufacturer of that particular item you love may respond with a once in a lifetime coupon for the product. Who knows, they may decide to give you some free products to appreciate you reaching out to them in such a heartwarming manner.


Finally yet importantly, always watch out for expiration dates and mind where you get your coupons or coupon codes. If you have a valuable coupon code and it expires, it’s useless. If you get a high-value coupon from an unreliable source such that it turns out to be invalid or already used, its vanity of vanities. You get the point.

I hope these few but true secrets have added value to your moneymaking concepts. See you at the top!

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