Christmas Gifts That Touch Everyone’s Heart

They say "A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great." Indeed! There is something about the gifts given straight from the heart. And when it comes to the gifts for Christmas, well, every year, you do plan a lot beforehand to give something very special, something embalmed with love to all your near and dear ones. As you sprinkle the spice of joy on all with your well-thought gifts, what about doing your bit to help bring smile to some faces, which are as not fortunate as you are? What about considering some wonderful souvenirs from Banyan Tree, a company that aims at bringing in the talents some of the finest artisans (and the least known, as well), while supporting subsistence? Let us have a look at what you get from them…

Wall Arts For Home Décor

Interesting wall decorations made from different materials can add a note of elegance and panache to any room. You might have tried conventional wall decors, which are made from glass, metals and other materials. But have you ever considered pieces made from Sikki grass? Sikki grass is primarily found in the marshy areas of Madhubani district in Bihar, India. The art of making different articles from dried (and often colored) Sikki is an ancient and traditional one. However, the art needs more patronage to immune itself from being obsolete.

So, if you want to have a ‘keepsake' of an ancient art that comes all the way from India, and share its beauty with those who really care for, then you can have wall arts which are, by all means a treat to the eyes. None of the products carry an exorbitant price tag. Choose from various motifs; because each of them seems to save a story to tell. For example:

  • The wall piece depicting aesthetic dance of sublime, divine love, or "Rasleela" of Radha and Krishna, is eternalized in a wall art.
  • Worshippers of beauty can also find their pick in the form of the "Aura of Flora" wall décor that exhibits several interpretations in a floral motif.
  • If you are looking for a wall piece that conveys peace and tranquility, then nothing can substitute the "Buddha"- which depicts the great leader in the sleeping position. Sleeping Buddha, or reclining Buddha signifies the later days of the Buddha's life, and it represents calmness, serenity and simplicity. If you want to bring a festive flavor to your gifts, then you might want to consider the show pieces depicting different forms of dance, each representing different traditions of the nation. Thus, each of the pieces also represent the diverse beliefs and way of lives of the people of India.

Angel Quinaries

The handmade quinaries appear vibrant and dazzling with the brilliant combination of bright golden over white. This set comes with 5 angel dolls, with golden-stings to hang them. Order at least two sets at once, so that you get total 10 angels to decorate your Christmas tree. They can be equally a great token gift idea.


Angel Trinities

Christmas celebration is incomplete without the angels. And no one can help adoring these warm and fuzzy sheep wool decorations, which have been further adorned with a clever interplay of bright, crimson satin threads, pretty beads and extremely cute golden bells. Use them to decorate your car, work space or just anywhere that catches your fancy. You can find them in two varieties- horizontal and vertical.


Tibetan Dolls

Christmas is all about spending with your family and friends. And in keeping that in mind, you mind want to bring a cute Tibetan family at home. The ‘family' comprises of Dolma- the little sister, Jampa- the grandpa, Normu- the father, Tashi-the brother, Tenzin, the elder sister, Tsering-the granny and Tsewang the mother. You can buy the dolls individually; but might find it tough to leave a family member apart. Each of the dolls is stuffed with sheep-wool and you can hand wash them. The clothes that the dolls wear can be changed and washed, as they are made from synthetic and cotton. You can choose from two sizes- large and small.


Greeting Cards

What is Christmas without greeting cards? Go green this year by choosing eco-friendly cards, which are made from recycled papers and come with a removable dainty angel. Each set contains six of them.


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