Beware Instacart Shoppers: Dangerous Conditions Amidst the Holiday Rush and Winter Weather

Instacart shopper gigs have become very popular lately. Some people are working as independent contractors, while others may be employed by the grocery delivery app itself. Either way, this season is a rather busy one. The holiday rush combined with the poor winter working conditions can create a dangerous environment for Instacart shoppers. To stay safe, one must be extra vigilant during this time and if an accident does occur, you should know what to do.

There are a variety of accidents that are more likely to happen at this time of the year. The icy conditions make both the indoors and the outdoors rather dangerous at times. Thus, Instacart shoppers may be at a higher risk for a slip and fall injury while shopping or delivering goods and a road traffic accident during these months.

Within a grocery store, slip and fall injuries may occur. There are a variety of hazards that may lead to such an accident in a grocery store. Spilled liquids or food may commonly spread and remain on the grocery store floor. At times, the floor may be wet and slippery after being cleaned. Grocery stores also have tiled floors which are more slippery than other floorings. All these factors and the rush to deliver a product on time can lead to you falling and hurting yourself.

Apart from grocery stores, slip and fall accidents can also occur outside. Due to icy conditions, walkways, driveways, and pavements may become slippery and dangerous. You must wear appropriate shoes while making deliveries and be vigilant when walking outside.

The icy conditions and the holiday rush also tend to slow down traffic. Additionally, slippery roads also make for more difficult and hazardous driving conditions. Due to this, motor accidents are more likely to occur around this time of the year and even if you are being careful, the negligence of another can cause an accident.

If you do find yourself in an unfortunate situation like the ones above, Attorney C.D. Longo of Longo Biggs, LC suggests that you do these three things; report the accident, document the accident, and get immediate medical attention. He further explained, “If you are on the road, call 911, but if in a grocery store and it’s a slip and fall, it is best to report the accident to the store employees. Even if you don’t think you have severe injuries, it is still essential that you get a proper medical checkup and document everything about the accident and your injuries.”

Once you are feeling a bit better, you can then seek compensation for your damages. The compensation you receive depends on your role in Instacart and the circumstances of your injuries.

If you are classified as an in-store shopper and are an official employee of Instacart, you will be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits through your employer in case of sustaining an injury while working. Worker’s compensation insurance normally covers the employee’s medical costs related to the work injury and provides compensation for a percentage of the employee’s lost wages while the injury keeps them out of work. You don’t have to prove that anyone else was negligent to receive worker’s compensation benefits.

If you are working as one of the “full-service shoppers” who shop and deliver for customers at Instacart, you are classified as an independent contractor. If this is the case, receiving compensation is slightly trickier. Although you cannot file for worker’s insurance, you can claim Shopper Injury Protection accident insurance. Under this insurance plan, full-service Instacart shoppers hurt on the job can receive up to $1 million of total coverage for damages such as medical expenses, disability payments, and survivor’s benefits that apply in case of a death on the job.

Both employees and independent contractors can file claims against a third party if they feel that Instacart was not at fault. In this case, they have to prove the negligence of said party to receive any benefits. Instacart shoppers, like any other workers, may encounter unique risks during the job. For this reason, it is important to learn what potential injuries may be and how to handle them before they happen.

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