Amplify Your Online Business in 2022 with the Power of Livestream Shopping

Mobile-shoppingEcommerce is trending because it’s convenient, prompt, and hassle-free. You can easily book an order for a product online and get its delivery within 2–3 days.

Over the last few years, now various brands are trying to leverage the potential of video marketing or live branding videos on their e-commerce websites.

Through Live videos, brands can share all essential updates about products in an interactive manner. It is also called live shopping.

In 2016, China became the first country to use the technique of live shopping in a product event hosted by Alibaba. Livestreaming shipping has remained a hot favourite among various brands worldwide since then.

The primary benefit of live shopping is its ability to directly interact with intended customers.

When two brands are selling similar products, users will prefer a brand hosting live shopping programs. Such is the craze of live streaming shopping these days. These live videos help customers understand the nitty-gritty and USPs of products easily and interactively.

Did you know in China, more than 21% of its online sales are positively impacted by live shopping?

Several countries from Europe and the Americas are now also trying to leverage the potential of live videos to take their online businesses to a new height.

Here are the top reasons why using live shopping videos can grow your ROI and profits.

How Can Livestream Shopping Amplify Your Business?

Convinces Customers to Buy

When you show a product live and scrutinise its benefits, customers get allured by it. Shopping videos directly connect to them and intrigue them. When customers watch the full video, it convinces them to buy the product.

Brand Loyalty and Confidence

Live promotional videos enhance the faith and trust of confidence in a particular brand. These videos help customers understand the product better and help them in deciding whether to add the product to the cart or not.

Live videos also allow customers to make a direct query to the host about the product. When the host gives a satisfactory reply or explanation, it makes customers feel happy and confident.

Thus,livestream shoppingincreases your brand recognition and loyalty among customers.

Online Community Initiatives

Using live videos, a brand can directly interact with its prospective customers and understand their requirements and changing trends.

When you share those videos on social networking sites, you can communicate with your customers and resolve their doubts and queries.

More Leads and More Conversions

Livestream shopping is a great way to improve your conversion rate and ROI. All you have to do is make your online e-commerce portal Livestream shopping-enabled and see its magic.

Livestreaming shopping videos can also boost your sales. It makes customers aware of the brand and product through an audio-visual medium. It ticks with the tech-savvy people and convinces them to buy the product.

It’s Trending and Future-Ready

Day by day, online retailing is becoming more and more difficult for traders. The competition is huge, and it’s not easy to withstand the market pressure unless you are innovative and flexible.

Livestream shopping is an innovative and interesting marketing approach. In 2020, it generated over a few billion dollars in retail trading despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Right now, it’s hugely popular in China, which is evident as China is always at the forefront when it comes to technological innovation.

Now, even the western countries are also following the trend. More and more brands are now integrating live streaming technology into their business websites to induce customers to buy from their sites.

Livestream Shopping Experience: What’s The Future?

It is set to revolutionise e-commerce trade like never before. At the same time, it will also help owners to make money and acquire new leads. Livestream shopping or live shopping can augment sales through fast conversion.

As more and more brands will implement Livestream shopping in their business, it is imperative for the others to also follow suit. A brand or e-commerce company not adopting the technology will certainly suffer in the long run.

The attention span of consumers is decreasing when it comes reading text or product descriptions. When you make a customer click a particular link, it can go waste if they don’t click on it. But direct shopping videos are different. Here they don’t need to click.

During the live show, all that a customer needs to do is indicate their desire to buy the product to the host. Soon, the host will assist the customer in buying it instantly. The entire process will be instant, smooth, and without any communication gap.

The Crucial Elements in Livestream Shopping

The Quality of the Video

The video quality of any live session has to be perfect and complete in all respects. The video quality must be high enough to showcase products and brand details clearly to the audience. Brands can make use of creativity to make the session more interesting using quizzes or taking live questions from the customers.

The Human Touch

What makes live-streaming shopping different from typical e-commerce transactions is the human touch. In online retailing, you add products to your cart, but in the case of Livestream shopping, there’s a host.

The element of human interaction, which is missing in general e-commerce transactions, will be present in live shopping. Your audience can directly interact with the host and even confirm their order booking for a particular product.

In Conclusion

After going through its benefits, nobody can deny the significance of Livestream shopping for any business firm. In the coming days, more and more business firms will integrate this technology to take advantage of this live shopping revolution.

Livestream videos can do wonders for all types of businesses. Whatever products and services you sell online, explaining the same to your target audience smartly and effectively is all that matters. That is what these broadcasting videos aim at.

Getting in touch with an expert firm that has powerful shopping software can help you make your business tech-friendly and up-to-date.

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