Amazon’s Top 5 New Product Releases 2018

There was a time when it was the stuff of movies, a sci-fi fantasy, and dream dust. But now, you see it right in front of you, in your very home, making your life easier and more convenient.

This is the power of technological progress. Convert ideas into reality. The progress of AI doesn’t stop here. The future holds much more than is fathomable by you or me at this stage.

Talking about AI, Amazon’s Alexa is super-famous in this regard. It is a virtual, cloud-based service with machine-learning capabilities. Alexa allows the users to control it via voice signals. It is your everyday assistant, always there whenever you need any sort of information from the internet, wish to make memos or lists, or want to remotely control your smart home devices.

Most gadgets and gizmos released these days are Alexa-compatible. Especially, the Amazon products. This company has been at the forefront of the IoT innovation and has been the top vendor of smart home products for the past year.

So, what can we expect from Amazon this year? The following products have been unveiled recently and are set to bring the power of AI to every home around the world. Check out these latest releases below.

1. AmazonBasics Microwave

Yes, a kitchen appliance that talks to you and follows your voice commands.

Can you believe it?

Well, you must, because it’s the advanced technology that Amazon is currently offering at the jaw-dropping price of $59.99! Something that is sure to take your smart home game to the next level.

Interact with this 2018 AmazonBasics product via the ‘built-in Ask Alexa button’. If you’re running really late, you can heat up your breakfast with a simple ‘quick cook’ command to the microwave and it will do the rest. Speed and ease—actualized.

2. Echo Link

If there is an answer to an audiophile’s dream, it’s Amazon’s Echo Link. This device can connect to any and every audio device—amplifier, speaker or receiver—that you might have in the house, via its numerous inputs and outputs.

It enables you to wirelessly control the music selection, the volume, and playback across multiple rooms, through the Alexa app, of course. The Echo Link doesn’t have the built-in amplifier which the Link Amp does, but it does serve as a smarter augmentation to your regular speaker system.

You can order Echo Link online over your amazing Spectrum internet network a little later this year, perhaps, for $199.99.

3. Echo Show

Amazon finally gets the digital viewing experience right with its new Echo Show. However, it is borderline expensive, going up to a whopping $229.99. That being said, the amazing features make the gadget completely worth the investment.

This tablet-speaker hybrid is ten times better than its predecessor. How? Because it has a bigger, clearer and more expanded display (a 10-inch high-definition mark). In comparison, the previous model looked more like a simple propped up picture frame. Echo Show has a more refined look and resembles the iPad.

Sound wise, Amazon has upgraded this second-generation device with dual drivers, the finest Dolby processing and a bass radiator, which makes the sound bolder and better than before. Other than this, it can do everything that a regular Echo speaker can.

Not only that, Echo Show serves as a hub too. In other words, it has a built-in smart home control with a proper Zigbee protocol, which allows it to connect with multiple home devices at one time. Being Alexa-compatible, it’s easy to manage.

4. Echo Sub

What’s a party without some bass dropping on the dance floor? It is for this purpose that Amazon has introduced the state-of-the-art audio tech, Echo Sub.

This sub-woofer is a wonderful addition to the whole Echo lineup. It can connect to two Echo devices at one time for a x2 stereo output, going an extra mile with the whole sound setup.

All you have to do is wirelessly sync the Echo devices and use Alexa’s voice-control tech to play your favorite music at the next jam. Party hard with the Echo Sub, available for pre-ordering with a price tag of $129.99.

5. Echo Wall Clock

Think. Your bedside alarm clock, your kitchen timer, and your smartphone memo alerts all in one. This is where the Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock will come in. The design looks incredibly elegant and has a minimalist exterior, but this gadget hides some nifty features under the hood.

Compatible with Alexa, this new product comes with a number of remarkable features. It can be synced with any Echo speaker over Bluetooth, which means you can give it a time-related command and it will respond over voice. Plus, you won’t really need to set the time manually, as it will automatically update itself to daylight savings.

Its interface is simple, easy to understand, and quite user-friendly. Anyone can operate it with ease. As regards the alarms, the LED ring around it can indicate them with a different colored streak for each timer. How cool is that?!

The Echo Wall Clock is available for pre-ordering with a price tag of $29.99 only.

It doesn’t seem likely that Amazon’s going to stop here with these devices. There is a whole playing field lying ahead to experiment with. Our uber-technological future may be way ahead of us, but at least with these devices appended in our homes, it’s a start.

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