A Guide to Buying Diamonds

diamondIf you are to ever buy a diamond online there are strict principles to consider, as it is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life. We understand that cars and homes are equally as important, but when buying a diamond online isn’t done correctly, you could find yourself short of money on a diamond that isn’t worth the value you paid. If you don’t take a look at the different factors that help you understand a diamonds value, you will eventually end up buying a diamond that quite frankly will be a waste of both time and money. If you truly want to buy a special diamond, you’ll need to take a look at the essential factors to look for when buying a diamond.

There are a select few steps to take into consideration when buying a diamond that you believe perfect for the one you love. Thousands and thousands of people make the same mistake every year, which is choosing a diamond that is already set into a band. The band could be platinum, gold, rose gold or even silver, but it doesn’t mean that it worth more. Pre-set diamonds have been known to hide certain flaws of a diamond, which ultimately tries to disguise the problems using the prongs from the setting.

This leads us on to a common assumption, which is that loose diamonds cost more money than pre-set diamonds. Loose diamonds can often work out cheaper, finding something that you have created yourself, for your partner, adding a touch of romance. It is important to never settle for something that is less quality, especially when it could cost you a ridiculous amount more. Below we are going to explain the most important factors to consider when purchasing a diamond, the 4C’s.

The Cut Of A Diamond

People tend to get carried away with the cut of a diamond, as they assume it is the shape in which the diamond is cut. However, this isn’t correct and the true definition of a diamond cut is the facets, proportions of diamonds, symmetry and the polish. The polish could be seen as the most important, as it the way the diamond reflects light, as well as the way it absorbs light. As you can imagine diamonds go through strenuous inspection before they are eventually released for sale, or to the public for that matter. Diamonds that have an excellent cut will always cost you more, adding a beautiful sparkle to it.

The Clarity Of A Diamond

Diamonds clarity is often described as the most important factor to consider. Clarity inspects the inside of the diamond and sees whether there are any blemishes, which is analyses using a 10x magnification. Diamond clarity takes a look into whether the diamond has any blemishes and is then graded on this. Diamonds with no blemishes are called flawless and have been hugely popular with those looking to purchase multi stone rings for their partners.

The Colour Of A Diamond

The colour of a diamond is graded using an alphabet-based system. Diamonds that offer a clear colour find themselves graded at D-F, where as cloudy, or yellow toned diamonds are graded with the tail end of the alphabet. Colourless diamonds, or grade D has a lot more value to them compared to the likes of yellow diamonds.

The Carat Of A Diamond

In terms of the 4C’S, the carat of a diamond one factor that influences the price the most. People often get confused thinking the carat of a diamond is associated with the size, which again, isn’t true. The carat of a diamond analyses the weight, which can adding a larger value to the diamond.

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