9 Surefire Ways of Buying Wholesale Clothing

Whether you are starting your own business or expanding an existing one, buying wholesale clothing comes with its benefits, but also many complicated factors to deal with. Buying wholesale need not be a headache thanks to the many online wholesale retailers ready and willing to sell you the latest fashions at knock-down prices. Saving money, getting your goods delivered and getting high-quality products are what you need, so let’s look at some of the ways other retailers buy wholesale clothing in Australia.

Find a Niche in the Market

The first thing you really need to do to become a success at your clothing business and make good purchases is by following a certain trend or a niche. Niche markets crop up all of the time, so choosing plus size fashion is a great way to enter a market that is relatively small, but growing at a rapid rate. This is where your niche factor works in your advantage.

Create a Line of Manufacturer & Supplier

Once you’ve settled on your niche, the next step is to source the clothing you need to create your brand. Search for the type of clothes you think would fit your brand perfectly, and find alternative suppliers to get you the right items. You don’t have to be ordering huge quantities of clothing at this point, but if you see something you like, make sure to note the manufacturer and suppliers for future reference.

Go for Seasonal Trends

One factor that is easier to handle is the different seasons that come around each year. These seasons bring with them a whole new range of clothing that is best suited to where the clothing is being sold. If you are based in the northern territory, you probably want to skip the jumpers and coats as an option for your seasonal fashion change.

Research Your Customers

Once you have found the items of clothes you think is perfect for your new venture, consider the most difficult factors that arise in businesses in the modern age, most notably your customers. Thinking ahead is challenging but keeping on top of trends is even harder, so take note of new trends and the uses your customers have for your clothing.

Consider Your Clients Age Group

The age group of your customers is another significant factor in getting customers through your doors. Marketing clothing fashions that are best suited to teenagers will not win you any customers in an older age group. So stay on top of the trends of the age category you choose to cater for and stick to it. Marketing your clothing line to a specific set of customers is much more preferable than a boring marketing campaign for “average” customers.

Getting Your Customer Service perfect!

Customer service is key if you have any type of store, online or high street as it is the measure by which your customers judge many factors. The quality of your clothing, the prices you sell your clothing at, as well as the shipping options available. Getting it right in terms of customer service and refunds and warranty issues is a great way to create loyal customers.

Online or High Street?

Online stores are an excellent way to start your business, as the overheads are much lower than a ‘brick and mortar’ store. Online stores also offer different payment methods and a shipping system can be put in place to inform you of all orders and payments, keeping you on top of your books.

Compare Your Quality & Pricing

Price comparisons can make or break your store in terms of the price of the items you sell, compared to the quality of the clothing. You can boost your business if you choose a model of discounting clothing, and offer your customers the chance to compare prices from similar stores and when added to your great customer service, they are sure to be a returning customer.

Balance Your Store & Online Presence

Choosing to create a brand and a store is a great way to cater to your customers directly on a face to face basis. Sometimes this is the only way some women buy their plus size clothing; especially considering finding the right dress size is the most important factor. Many people are yet to order products like the collection of plus size dresses online, so getting your customer into the habit with a great service, modest prices, fast shipping and a friendly returns policy can make all the difference.

If you follow these guidelines it will help to set out your overall policy that is customer orientated and focused on giving your customers the latest fashions, at fair prices and with a great customer satisfaction level that will set your wholesale clothing store apart from the rest.

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