9 Features to Check Before Purchasing a Commercial Refrigerator

Whether it’s your first time purchasing a commercial fridge or replacing it, you need proper knowledge to compare options on the market. A refrigerator is a long-term investment that requires time and due diligence before purchasing.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Fridge


Commercial fridges, especially those for bigger businesses, need a lot of space. When choosing a fridge for your business, ensure it’s spacious enough for your needs. A small unit will inconvenience you, and it may end up being unhelpful in the end.

Locks and Interior Lighting

Ensure your fridge has locks for security. Some fridges are placed at the shop’s outer side; thus, you need to lock them when not in use. Check the interior lighting for convenience and caster for easier movement.

Reliable Brand

It’s best to settle for a reputable brand that will serve you for a longer period. A good brand has readily available spare parts and a good warranty package.

Consider the Doors

Self-closing doors are the best for commercial fridges. This is helpful if you use the fridge to sell drinks and foods to the public, since the door will close after the customer picks what they need. Closing doors ensure that the contents in the fridge are not exposed to outside air if a customer leaves it open, as in cases with other doors.

Energy Efficient

Commercial fridges are on most of the time, and it’s obvious they consume a lot of energy. Settle for a well-insulated unit to help you cut energy consumption. Check Habco manufacturing company for the energy-efficient brands on the market.

Automatic Defrosting System

Most fridges have attached freezers. Unfortunately, the freezer can freeze everything, including moisture, causing the ice to take a bigger percentage of the freezer portion. It is also hard to remove the piled-up ice. A good fridge should have an automatic defrosting system to clear misplaced ice in the fridge or freezer, creating room for storage.

Fridge Construction Material

Avoid plastics or stainless-steel fridges for commercial purposes. A busy business means a lot of drinks or foodstuffs will be stored. Thus, you need an interior that won’t crack after a short while. Aluminum is weak and isn’t scratch-resistant. So, choose a stainless steel fridge in and out because of its superior strength, easy cleaning, and long-lasting.

Fridge Organization

Commercial fridges handle a lot of food and drinks that need to be moved from time to time. Ensure your unit is organized to keep food in the right way and reach it with ease.

Consider Climate Rating

Ensure your fridge’s temperature matches the climate conditions where it’s used. You can check the climate class ratings to make the process easier.

Different foods and drinks have different refrigeration needs, and it’s essential to understand which type of a fridge your café, bar, or shop requires. If you are stuck for choice, check the internet for various fridge reviews and ask around from hospitality business owners. Fridges are expensive, and it’s better to invest keenly to avoid losing cash on faulty units.

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