5 Things You Can Do With Gift Cards

It so happens with us all that we receive a gift card yet do not need to buy anything from a specific issuer!! Such a waste of a gift card right? However, there are ways you can put them into good use and earn yourself a little cash. Do not let gift cards be wasted all by lying in your account just to expire. It is best that you choose to do at least one out of these 5 things to make money out of gift cards that you might not require.

So here are the 5 things that you can do with the gift card lying in your wallet.

Return them to the Issuer– This gets you at maximum 90% of the original value of the card. Just visit the return policy section of the company, no matter Amazon or iTunes, you can try returning cards of all brands with ease. However, it is possible for a company to deny a return request in case you do not have a purchase receipt. This can also bring in some trouble for you in the return process but is the first thing people try to do with an unneeded gift card.

Sell gift cards– Yeah you read it right!! Sell your gift cards, from Amazon, Walmart or any other brand online. There are companies that exchange gift cards from all brands with money. You do not need to worry about how much is iTunes gift card rate, or any other gift card rate to sell them on these sites. All you need is to send them the gift cards and receive money within 5 minutes. These are completely legitimate sites that get you easy money, hassle-free. So try to sell your gift cards with one of these sites next time you have one.

This will get you some extra cash for you actual requirements and let you trade you unwanted giftcards for hard money. If you are worried about the credibility of these sites, then you surely need to take a break from the thought and consider using them as a lot of people use these sites and make money out of them.

Sell it to someone– This is also one of the easiest things you could do to unwanted gift cards. Sell them to people you know. If you know someone who might be interested to buy things from the issuer of the gift card then, it is indeed easy to exchange unwanted gift cards this way. However, finding someone interested to buy gift cards might be a tough deal at times.

This may not necessarily work out for all as we can rarely find someone interested in all sorts of giftcards. Moreover, people act sceptical to buy out giftcards from someone else in general. They might not even wish to pay the full value for the card. However, you could always give it a try and bargain with the people to get the best prices

Resell bought with the gift cards– Though this option might not be applicable for gift cards such as iTunes that more of service or non-physical product sellers, but you can buy things out the gift cards and sell them to people at competitive prices. This can get you good money out of the gift cards and. Specifically, if you are a reseller, then this can prove great for you.

Donate– In case you do not mind giving away the gift cards for charity or you do not necessarily wish to exchange that for money, then this is surely a great thing you can do with them. Charity organizations might redeem them or buy the thing for their people with help of your donated gift card.

Doing a little good at times sure is a great thing. There are a lot of things that underprivileged people need. You could donate gift cards to organisations that support such people in order to add a good deed for yourself. Such a donation would also be helpful for you to track in your donation is used for the good cause or not.

Therefore, next time you have a gift card try one of these ideas to make the best out of it. No matter which company it belongs to or, what amount it holds to itself, it can bring you money and joy together. So, do try our solutions and let us know how great they have been for you.

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