Why study Law? 7 Career options after graduation

If not in real life, you might have come across the ‘Lady Justice’ in real life. In the blindfold, the lady holding a sword in one hand and a balance in the other is popularly known as Goddess Justitia. Lady Justitia is the symbol of power and supremacy. She is the symbol of hope and faith that makes us believe in the country’s law and order. A hope that forces us to think that justice will prevail. The reason why our legal system believes in acquitting 100 guilty people but not punishing an innocent one. The lady justice teaches students to practice law without being biased or affected by any outer force. If you are willing to keep up the standard of impartial justice in India, you can secure LLB admission for a better career ahead.

Law is one of the most respectable and prestigious professions in the world. Every individual abides by the law. The judgement passed by a court holds massive importance for a country and its citizens. It affects every citizen in one way or the other. So, you need to be well-versed with the language of law. Pursuing an LLB course from a top-ranked college or university of Dehradun can help you make a lucrative career in the future. You can discover several career options after completing the course.

Careers after LLB graduation

  1. Advocate: Advocacy is the most opted profession among students after completing LLB. Advocates Ram Jethmalani, Harish Salve, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Kapil Sibbal, and Arun Jaitely are some prominent names in this profession. A student can practice in a court after qualifying for the examination conducted by the All-India Bar Council.
  2. Judiciary: After completing the course, a student can work for the country’s Judicial machinery as a Judge or Magistrate. An LLB graduate is required to pass a Judicial examination conducted by the Public Service Commission to become a Judge or Magistrate.
  3. Legal advisor: You can also become a Legal Advisor for any law firm, private companies, corporate firms, or banks after completing your course. LLB graduates are also eligible to advise on various legal matters and use their legal expertise to support NGOs.
  4. Government service: An LLB graduate can also serve the nation by joining government services if they prepare themselves for the Public Service Commission exam. You would be then eligible for Indian Legal Services such as Legislative Counsel in the Legislative department and Legal Advisor in the Department of Legal Affairs.
  5. Legal researcher: Students can also become Legal Researchers after they have graduated in LLB. A Legal Researcher is responsible for investigating various cases and exploring ways to win a case.
  6. Legal journalist: Top media houses pay well to the LLB graduates who have an in-depth knowledge of the legal domain. A student needs to be updated with the current affairs related to law.
  7. Higher education: LLB graduates can also obtain higher education in law after completing studies. This will help them gain better knowledge in a specialised area of law such as research work, LLM Ph.D. in the fields like International law, constitutional law, labour law, and family law.

However, your success depends upon your hard work. So, if you are willing to make law a profession, explore the opportunities by applying in the course today!

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