Why Students Are Often Stuck With Essay Writing

student tiredThere is no student, who would not meet the problem of writing an essay at least once. During their study, they will have to write different kinds of papers, and there is nothing bad or awful with that. Writing is a perfect way to develop new skills, become more organized, generate new ideas, open students’ mind to new knowledge, develop new habits, etc. When they are good essay writers, it becomes much easier for them to express thoughts, think logical, learn and remember new information. And it is difficult to find a teacher or a professor, who would not like the fact that his student is really good with essay writing.

The problem is, that not all students can be called talented writers. And it is fine, because the world would hardly need tens of Stephen Kings, hundreds of Oscar Wildes, or thousands of Ray Bradburies. When a person’s talent is math analysis for example, it may be difficult for him to write an essay on War and Peace of Leo Tolstoy, but it does not mean he can’t do it really good. The point is to accept the fact you are stuck with essay writing, and think carefully on what you can do with it to change the situation.

What can be the reason of students’ fails with essay writing? Being a student, you definitely met some of these reasons at least. None of them means that you are bad, stupid, or something; just determine your heel of Achilles, and try to do everything to forget about the problem of essay writing.

So, students have problems with writing a paper, because:

1. They do not know what to write about

Very often, the topic of an essay is given by your professor in advance. When you have a topic in front of you, it becomes much easier to start writing, because the first step is taken already. But sometimes it happens, that a teacher just gives you a task: “write an essay on literature”, and you have nothing to do, but just sit and rack your brains.

What to do: Try to figure out what you like about the topic most. If it is literature for example, you can write about your favorite author, or his particular piece of writing. You can describe his life, determine the problems which were described in his works, etc. There are no reasons to panic about the lack of ideas for your essay, because you can always find something that you like and understand best of all.

2. They do not understand the topic at all

Yes, sometimes it happens, that the topic is given, but you do not know anything about it. For example, you were asked to write about integrated optical modulators, but being a philosopher or philologist, you are totally lost here.

What to do: You can try to ask a professor for a different topic, or you can accept the challenge, learn general information about these modulators at least, and write some expository essay for example.

3. They simply do not like the topic

Well, there is nothing to do with that: a topic is given, and you just see that you do not like it at all (or you do not find it interesting enough for you). As far as we all know, it is not easy to write about what you do not like, and that is why you can fail with your essay here.

What to do: Fails happen here not because of the dislike itself, but because of your laziness to investigate this topic deeper and write a really good and informative essay on it. Try to think differently. Read and learn more information, try to understand the topic from the different (your own) point of view, and big chances are that you will be able to surprise your professor much.

4. They hope that someone will write an essay for them

Today’s students use many different tools and services, like Writing-Help for example, to deal with their essays. They know, that someone can easily do their job and write their papers for them, so, unfortunately, they do not think much on this problem. Many students consider such services as a perfect method to complete tasks and get excellent marks with no work at all, but they forget about a really useful and educational side of essay writing services (you can see an example of a good essay, and improve your own writing skills in such a way).

Certainly, each student chooses his own way to deal with essays and other paper work; and no one can be called a bad student just because of the fact he decided to use writing help once.

5. They are not good with expressing thoughts on paper

You may be a great speaker, and all your classmates are jealous when it comes to different reports or presentations; but you become totally stuck, when you are asked to write all your thoughts down and structure them like an essay. It sounds strange, but it really happens to some students who begin to worry if everything is fine with them.

Yes, everything is fine, and you should not consider yourself hopeless. As we found out already, you can always ask for help in order to understand what a good essay should look like and how to write it; or you can try writing it yourself, because only practice can help you improve your skills and make it easier for you to deal with the same tasks in the future.

6. It is their first time when they write an essay

The task of every teacher is to show students how to write an essay right, what structure it should have, what points should be mentioned there, and so on. But when you come from school to college or university, no professor will explain you the things you should have learned at school. So, if you did not write essays at school, or you just did not listen to your teachers carefully, it may appear that your first time of essay writing happens at the university. As a result, you do not know what to do.

Do not panic! The Internet and your classmates can easily help you here. And even if your first essay will not be perfect, you will perfectly know how to write it and what to pay your attention to next time.

7. They do not have enough time for writing

Certainly, it can not be a good excuse for students who should study and do all tasks, but you must admit, that they are not robots, and there are only 24 hours in a day. It may happen that you just do not have enough time to finish your essay, dead lines come, and your chances to fail here are growing exponentially. So, when such a situation appears, a student has three choices here: to ask for help, to try writing an essay during the last night before a dead line (as far as you understand, the quality will not be the best here), or just give it up and get a bad mark from a professor.

What can be other reasons of students’ essay fails?

  • They can’t find relevant sources, or they do not know how to use them

  • They can’t structure an essay

  • They simply do not like the process of writing itself

And no matter what your reason is, it is always possible to find a way out of this situation and write a really good essay, that will deserve an excellent mark for sure.

If you have any questions, please ask below!