Why Canada Is One Of The Most Popular Countries To Emigrate To Study In

Canadians know their country is fantastic, so does the rest of the world now, in fact, Canada was voted one of the best places to live in 2015. The "liveability ranking" (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit) looked at 140 cities across the world and no less than 3 Canadian locales are listed within the top 5. Nine of the top 11 cities are either in Australia, New Zealand or Canada, this means their countries are doing something right!

The liability report is based on healthcare, culture, environment, education, stability and infrastructure.


Studying in Canada

Other than its multicultural cities, breathtaking scenery and vast coastlines, studying is one of the main reason families move to Canada. Here are some more reasons why people study emigrate to study in Canada.

  • High Quality Education At A Low Cost

All qualifications, certificates and degrees are considered internationally equivalent to those of the USA and other Commonwealth countries. Canadians are very serious about education, you can see this demonstrated just by looking at their ultra-modern universities. Though education is at the top of the tree they also offer side activities such as skiing, camping and many more. Although the quality of education towers the US and the United Kingdom, the costs of living and tuition are significantly lower, this makes it very appealing for those with serious budget limits.

  • Canada Is Safer

Canada has a very friendly, warm-welcoming community with a very high standard of living. With low crime rates, great student health benefits and universities fully focused on student security. This is fantastic for those uneasy about their own personal security whilst abroad.

  • A Beautiful Place To Live

For those wishing to study in Canada, remember, there is a lot of life and culture outside of the campus doors as well. If you love the great outdoors and like exploring nature in the natural environment, you do not have to go far to find it. From the coastlines of British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the big skies of the prairies and the rugged hills and attractive coastlines of the Atlantic Provinces, there is something for everyone and boy is it an eyeful!


  • Rich Multicultural

Canada prides itself on welcoming all people from all walks of life, in fact, they have a policy of encouraging multicultural diversity. The country ensures the world's ethnic groups are represented and are able to keep their own traditions and welcome it with open arms, this means are able to be yourself and you do not feel the pressure of having to change and adapt to a new culture.

Moving As A Family

If you have already started a family and wish to continue studies, it won’t be a problem to emigrate the entire family. In fact, the schools and nurseries are just as good as the Universities. If you plan on studying, renting or even buying a home will be your best option. Do not worry as the costs of living are extremely low as well as the house prices.

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