Why Blog Writing Is a Good Choice for Your Career

Did you know that blogging can push you towards progress in any career? It doesn’t matter what career path you want to explore; blogging can only push you through it at a faster pace. The blog will give you an instant entrance into the industry you’re interested. It will make your CV look better, but it will also help you become more knowledgeable on relevant topics.

Let’s get into the specifics: how is blogging a good decision for your career?

  1. It Shows You Have a Goal

Before you start blogging, you have to set some goals. You’ll need to commit to a niche that’s close to your career vision. Successful bloggers first figure out what they want to accomplish through blogging. Then, they create a blogging schedule that helps them achieve those goals. They commit to frequent publications and a strong marketing campaign.

A successful blog shows you’re a goal-driven individual. It proves what you’re already stating in the resume: you can set realistic goals and achieve them step by step.

  1. A Blog Proves You Can Write

Most business owners are relying on freelance writers or an essay writing service whenever they need presentations, business reports, or content for their blogs or websites. That imposes additional costs for their business.

If a hiring manager sees you can write great content, your chances of getting hired will be much greater. The potential employer will see your ability to communicate ideas in written, and that’s a skill that’s mandatory for today’s job hunters.

  1. It Shows a Commitment

If you don’t publish content on a regular basis, you’ll fail to gain traction. Every blogger knows this for a fact: attracting audience requires content; building a base of loyal readers requires more content. If you’re not committed, you won’t make your blog successful.

If your blog is successful and a potential employer sees that, they will know you’ve made a huge commitment. This project proves you have not only the relevant knowledge required for the job, but the responsibility and professionalism as well.

  1. It Shows Your Marketing Skills, Too

The process of blog marketing is similar to a marketing campaign of any other product or service. You’ll have to make it visible on social media channels. To achieve that goal, you will focus on content marketing and you’ll deliver value to the readers. You will communicate with them through social media channels, so you’ll keep them coming back. You’ll trigger discussions.

You’ll slowly develop a great base of followers that proves you can develop a brand and bring it closer to a large audience. That’s a skill that any employer would appreciate.

  1. Blogging Helps You Learn More

You won’t attract many readers just because you can write. You have to produce valuable content that informs them and helps them learn. For that purpose, you’ll be sharing all you know about the niche you choose. However, your current base of knowledge won’t be enough. Among all qualities a great blogger needs to have, the passion for learning is the most important one.

You’ll have to support your arguments with facts. You’ll keep exploring the latest trends in the industry. You will base your posts on critical and analytical thinking skills. Most of all, you will keep learning more with every single topic you tackle. A blog is like an investment in your own education.

  1. Blogging Can Give You the Status of an Expert

If you search for influential bloggers in the niche of fitness, you’ll notice they know much more than the usual guy who takes fitness as a hobby. If you see an influencer who blogs about marketing, you get the impression that this is an expert. That’s a good point. Influencers are just like experts. They have extensive knowledge in the niche they chose for their blog. They usually have certificates in it. They keep expanding their knowledge.

With the status of an influencer blogger, you will attract a great deal of professional offers. Just include a link to your LinkedIn profile in the About section on your blog. When important people from the industry see how great your blog is, many will want to connect with you.

Speaking of LinkedIn, you may take your blogging there, too! Your LinkedIn connections will be able to see that content, and that will cement your status as an expert in the niche.

  1. You Can Make Money Blogging

When done the right way, blogging can help you earn good money. You may get so involved in it that you’ll even consider turning blogging into a career. That’s an option, too. If you don’t like working in an office but you still want to focus on a particular niche, blogging is a great opportunity to explore.

Even if you decide to start applying to job ads, the fact that you own a blog that’s making money will be a huge advantage. It shows you can monetize your skills, and that’s something a company likes to count on.

It’s Time to Start Blogging!

If blogging is so important for career progress, why isn’t everyone doing it? That’s a good question. Well, not everyone has the time, will, or skill to become a great blogger. Those who do have the time and skill may prefer a career in content writing. That’s easier because all they need to do is find clients. Then, the clients will set topics and provide a regular flow of cash. A blog takes a bit longer to start bringing money.

If you do have the time, will, and skill to blog, you should absolutely do it. It’s something that separates you from all job applicants in any industry you aim for.

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